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    Hey folks, old and new friends. After a total knee replacement last year I am finally getting around to riding again. I have been out of the loop for so long I am asking for help to jog my memory and for new advice. How about the names of some motorcycle dealers who sell accessorys. I am looking to buy a DID Xring chain and a couple of new sprockets. My front 15T is probably ok, but the rear is origional and I have almost 4K on the bike. I know, "do you ever ride it ?". I've been looking around and see some familiar names in the forum so that is a good sign. I want to remind everyone the dirt days on the Hatfield McCoy trail system is June 13-17. They will soon be opening a trail system about 20 miles south of Charleston WV for full size trucks and buggys. Here is the main link. Any advice on the brand of sprockets is also welcome. Thanks, Rick.

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    I got my chain and sprockets from Lytle Racing Group. At the time they had one of the best prices around. Service was great. I'll do business with them again.
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    the last time i shopped for chain I had top settle for a 428 o-ring. I don't think anyone makes a 428 x-ring available in the North American market.

    The Yamaha sprockets are excellent quality and fit properly. The countershaft sprocket is pretty much exclusive to TWs, but I've been told their is another family of countershaft sprockets from Yamaha that the only difference is the size of the bolt holes. Aftermarket sprockets are available in 12 thrpough 16 tooth counts from several sources (mine come from Parts Unlimited), but the bolt holes are bigger. The rear wheel sprocket bolt pattern fits a plethora of models that come with a variety tooth counts, including various versions of DT125, DT175, YZ80, AG200, XT200, TW225, MX175, TW125, TY125, XT350, and XT250. If one of those fits your needs, you're good to go at a reasonable price.

    JT wheel sprockets are popular, but the center where they bolt to the hub is thinner and require different hardware to bolt up.

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