How Low do You Go tire pressure
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    I do think both off road traction and comfort would be enhanced with low tire pressure.

    I also run over some sharp rocks and curb like ledges

    My last ride was at 15 PSI front and rear and thought I heard one

    ding but not sure

    What say you

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    When i started, i had 10-12 and it worked alright. It just depends on the type of riding...youw ant a ltitle more air in the front so when you bottom out you dont pinch the tube..

    In my atv tire i ran 5 psi and had no shortage of traction
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    I'm running 12/12 and its working great for me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by xdac View Post
    I run 8 psi in the back in the az rocks...and 4 up front in my agressive knobbie tire. Try it

    Hi xdac,

    I'm curious if the TW tires slip on the rim at all at those pressures? I'm also surprised that it is not the other way around - 4 in the back and 8 up front considering the size of the tires. I have been testing 10 rear and 12 front riding 2-up. 10 and 12 give the bike a much more sure footed feel improving the handling and traction. I'm not worried about the rim as slow as I ride when my wife is on the back.


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    12 front and rear works well for me. If riding over some good sized rocks I'll bump it up a few psi.
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    Good Morning,

    I also run 12/12 and have had zero issues, and all we have is either rock, or mud and rock. (huh Rainman?!?! )

    I would submit that if you smacked a rock hard enough to pinch damage the front, it isn't going to end well at any pressure . . .

    I don't run much asphalt or concrete, but the tires will experiance accelerated wear at the lower pressures if run on the road.

    Please come back and let us know what you end up being happy with. (information is power)

    "The TW may be slow, but the Earth is patient" - MK

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    I like to run em low like Rainman. I ride off road only and a lot of technical rooty rocky. I run 6p.s.i in the rear and 7-8 up front. COrrect me if I am wrong boys but I am pretty sure the rear tire has a bead similar to a car. Thats is why they are so hard to take on/off. I have never had a flat nor tire slippage. Actually I dont even know for sure my p.s.i. because I check them by feel. I always carry a small mtn bike pump in case I have to use paved roads, that way I can pump em up a bit for the tarmac.

    With the stock front tire the low pressure, in my mind, is mandatory for off road. The low pressure allows the side knobs to climb and grab where as a hard tire would bounce of that angled root, and roll out under the loose rock.

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    I haven't played with mine yet, i do about 50/50 pavement and dirt. mine are set at 14 psi each and seem to work good
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    I use 12 front 14 rear, but I have to ride 5-10 miles of pavement at 60 to get to the dirt, plus we have really sharp rocks. If loaded up with camping gear I'd use 14/16 minimum on dirt or 16/18 for longer pavement rides.
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    Depends on the expected ride and load conditions. Lots of sand and mud, light load, low pressures, 10 in the back, 15 in the front. Lots of unpaved roads in good condition, moderate load, 18 front and rear. Lots of pavement heavy loads, sometimes I have 40-50 miles of pavement to and from the dirt, 24rear, 22 front, though I generally air down for the dirt and back up for the pavement. Also, which tires are on the bike affect ideal pressures--some tires are stiffer than others and do better with less air pressure.

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