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    I cut apart an old mtn bike tube today and was only somewhat surprised to find a lump in it. Sure enough the slime had solidified to the point it would place the tire out of balance. Admittedly, Slime has a different formulation for automobile tires (probably what you would use for motorcycles) but they still only recommend it for one year or less. Me I'd ride it home and get a new tube ASAP. Cheers. Tom
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    Eeehhwwwww! Good point! Makes me wonder about what happens with the tubes we sell at the hardware store I work at part time. Some of those tubes are "Slime" brand tubes, and claim to have slime pre-loaded in them to prevent punctures. Tubes for wheel barrow's too! A mystery to be answered in slime? m.

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    i bought a bottle of this stuff and put it in my mountain bike tubes a long time ago...i bet they are like this by now

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    I always thought the ones I had seen all the moistures was gone from it. I wonder if some water was added if that would not happen.

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    I had a bottle of slime open with about 1/4 of it left that was on my garage floor for probably 3 years and it still looks the same as when i opened it but Thats a different scenario..

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