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    San Diego

    New Bike

    I just bought a 2009 TW200 and I'm excited to begin learning more about the bike. Found it on craigslist with about 1,700 miles. Looks stock to me other than the luggage rack.

    I've put about 50 miles of city riding on it so far and have loved every minute of it. Please let me know if there is anything you think I should look into replacing/updating.

    I'm looking at a chain replacement, larger footpegs, and swapping the front tire. I'm open to all suggestions. I want to be able to ride trails but still handle well enough to enjoy the street.
    2009 TW200.jpg

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    Nice bike bro, welcome to the forum!!
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    Welcome from west TN. Good find!

    '13 TW200

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    Right side of Oregon
    Welcome from NE Oregon. I have the same year and color of bike. If you are going to be doing much off- road riding I would suggest a set of hand guards. They are great for keeping your levers safe in a tip over and stop brush/branches from hitting your hands while riding. Here is a pic of your bike's twin in its natural environment.
    Attached Images Attached Images

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    Welcome from San Diego.
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    Welcome from northeast Ohio!
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    Welcome from the great white north(MI)!
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    Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada ehh?
    Clean looking bike. Doesn't look like it's seen a hard life at all.
    I've had an o-ring chain most of the summer. I keep going to adjust it, but it still hasn't needed a click from the day I put it on. Huge improvement over the stock chain. So good idea on the chain.
    Ditto on the pegs, and a huge ditto on the front tire. The 241 seems to have the largest amount of fans, so that's the way I went. Really happy with it. And I'll echo what was said about the handguards. I had one hard flop, and several of those flops where you stall in a goofy spot and it just flops on its side and you step off...any one of those could easily snap a lever off. So far the cheap-o ebay guards have soaked up the abuse and protected everything, so at $40 they've paid for themselves at least a couple times already. I mounted an off-brand Pelican case on the rack and love it. Holds a fleece, 2L of spare fuel, a couple bottles of water, survival kit, improved tool kit, first aid kit.. I came from an ATV with a big rear seat/storage case so I could bring tons of stuff I needed plus another ton of crap that I didn't. Some change when your storage for a day of riding drops to zero.
    Depending on what you want to do with the TW, the forum will give you all sorts of ideas do spend money on.

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    Milwaukee, WI
    Welcome. There'll be a lot of great advice from guys that really have their bikes dialed in. You might need to try a few things before you find what works for you. All my riding is city streets so I changed tires, chain and both sprockets all at the same time. I sourced used TW203 and 204 tires from a long term forum member and got a new X-ring chain with 15/45 sprocket combo. I ride every day and like the setup. I can hit 70 mph but the truth is my bike will probably never see much over 55. Great city bike, especially with all the potholes in all directions. If I keep it, I'd like to address the front and rear suspension. Cheers and enjoy
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    Junior Member natesdsu's Avatar
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    San Diego
    Thanks for the warm welcome.

    Mountain Yawp: Can't wait until my bike sees some mud, great pic!

    GCFishguy: Thanks for the advice on the O-ring. Did you need to cut any links? I'll look into the Shinko 241

    Badgerflorida: What's the difference between an X-ring and O-ring? have you taken the 203 and 204 off road?

    I really appreciate the input from everyone. Looking forward to putting a lot of miles on this bike!

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