Trail Air Pressure
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Thread: Trail Air Pressure

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    Trail Air Pressure

    I haven't ridden motorcycles for the last 35 years, but I mainly ride ATV's. I'm used to running 3-6psi in the ATV tires, but how low can you go with the TW for slow trail riding? I was thinking of around 12 psi for the front and 10 for the rear. Is this too low?
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    I asked the same question when I got mine..18 front and rear was the average answer for street and trail use. That's what I ended up running since I got it, and it seems to work fine for 60/40 use.
    And if you scroll to the bottom of the page, there will be a bunch of air pressure threads linked in the 'Similar Threads' area. Should be a wealth of info there.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Big Jim Swade View Post
    I haven't ridden motorcycles for the last 35 years, but I mainly ride ATV's. I'm used to running 3-6psi in the ATV tires, but how low can you go with the TW for slow trail riding? I was thinking of around 12 psi for the front and 10 for the rear. Is this too low?
    First, I'll say you should experiment with the tire pressures to see what you feel and may like. Experiment for your own experience is the best way because the rest of us can only offer our opinion of what we feel. Though the TW doesn't have as much power as other off-road bikes which can slip the tire on the rim if psi is too low, you probably don't want to go as low as you mention you do on your ATV. I think I've been as low as 9 psi on the rear and it was fine but only off-road. For a little combo off-road/pavement I like to stay in the 10-12 psi range. However, I don't want to ride a lot of pavement with this psi but its fine traction wise I just don't want to wear out the tires on pavement running low psi.

    Having said that, here is my(our) experience with air pressures for our TW's. With any of the tires I use (stockers, aftermarket Shinko 244 or 241's on front. or our ATV Rear Tire Mod's (Maxxis Ceros), I run between 10-12 in all of them and do just fine.

    PSI. on or off-road is fairly subjective as to what each individual feels or believe we feel for traction. Some people like and do just fine with 16 lbs or even 18 lbs off-road. For Mrs. Admiral and I, we both feel we a softer ride over rocks without bouncing over them and better traction (grip). Same for riding sand/dirt/gravel. I suspect you are aware of some of these factors having ridden an ATV. Even on an ATV one wants to experiment air pressure.
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    The lowest I use is 12 front and 14 rear, but only if I am going to be in softer dirt/sand. Usually I use 16/18 on rocky trails (typical Idaho) and put up with the slightly harsher ride to avoid flats. 16/18 is fine on the highway for distances under ten miles. I ride rather slowly compared to most, but sharp rocks and low inflation don't mix well. Knock on wood, I've never had a flat in 15,000 miles.
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    I am running 16psi on and off - works well for me.
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    8 to 10 psi in the front trials tire for trails.
    18 to 20 for road.

    No idea what I have in the Duro right now, but it does better on the road with more pressure.

    As Admitral said, you need to see what you like.
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    With my 244 front I run 12 all the time as it just doesn't handle well on the highway any higher and the sidewalls are to stiff to run any higher off road. I always run 16 to 18 in the stock rear.

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    I usually run our rear tires 12 to 18 and shinko 241 fronts at 10 to 12. In loose/sandy stuff I often run my wifes front as low as 6 depending on where we are riding and reminder her to watch for the larger rocks. shes 130 lb and not aggressive with the brakes.
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    A lot of it is to do with rider and other load rates – the trick is to get those tires to “flex”, as they make up for a lot of shortcomings in the suspension – but over rocky ground (think “Fred”), there has to be enough pressure to protect the rims ……
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