Lithium ion battery from China
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Thread: Lithium ion battery from China

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    Lithium ion battery from China

    I found this on Ali Express. For about $50 and a 1 to 4 week wait shipping time to the USA this seems a decent deal.

    What special precautions are necessary for a lithium ion battery? I have been using AGM batteries from China in both my TW's and so far they have worked out very well.

    Or buy two of them for $90.
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    I know riders that love them due to the smaller size and lighter weight.
    I know riders that hate them for starting in cold weather and dramatic failures.
    For now, I prefer AGM.

    The attached photos were recently posted on the XLForum (XL = Sportster), by Al, from England.
    This occurred immediately after the bike hit a bump on the road and apparently shorted internally.

    Lithium meltdown.jpg
    Lithium meltdown 2.jpg
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    There are a few things to look for, mostly “over charge” and “ under charge” protection

    If a lifepo4 is overcharged it fries – if it over discharges it’s dead, and can stay that way

    If it discharges too fast – it fries (big time) – short

    No mention of any of that protection circuitry in the ad – but does say “do not charge over 15v”, which is a little close for comfort

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    I have had no problems with my Lithium battery - I decided to purchase a lithium battery charger with it after doing a lot of research.
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    AGM for over two years now. It holds a charge very well. Sometimes I haven't started the TW for a month or more and it fires right up. I do not have a trickle charger but I charge it very couple months if not riding.

    A super cheap one. I bought it as an experiment. Lithium is too expensive and to prone to fires, for me.

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    Funny, I keep hearing assertions that one “needs” a lithium battery charger. Why?
    Both Shorie and Battery Tender’s literature states one is not neccessary, just use any basic trickle charge and avoid any fancy one that has the reverse polarity anti-sulfating pulses. Certainly I charge my Shorie and Battery Tender batteries using the TW’s stator output without any concerns, damage , nor malfunctioning. No need to disable any vehicle’s charging system and use only the “needed” battery tender charger once back home to replace any consumed charge during normal operation.
    Certainly the Battery Tender company would love to sell it’s charger. But they also tell you it is not necessary.
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    Gel battery for over two years now, still working perfectly
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    I've got BT Lithiums in all my bikes now. The 4 wheeler has had a el cheapo lithium for 2 years and no problems, even in the cold. The bikes have been less than a year so not much of a test yet. I did the initial charge with the standard BT Junior charger.
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    AGM in my Softail lasted 10 years on a Battery Tender Plus.
    AGM in my Ural, 9 years and its still a great shop battery.
    Pretty amazing how long they are lasting nowadays. Used to be 3-4 years tops. The Tender definitely helps.
    Took the stock "wet" battery out of the TW and put in an AGM. Didn't see the need or want to buy Li when there is already a great product. And the change in size and weight ain't making the TDub run any faster or better.
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    elime; I just installed a lith-ion battery in my TW about 2 months ago, the same type as your link. My original 2014 stock battery was getting a little weak.
    I was surprised at it’s weight / size, but so far has preformed flawlessly. There are endless pics and rumors of catastrophic failure of anything on the net.
    I remember a guy telling me he would never use a K&N air filter because a friend of his cousins engin blew up, so I don’t put a lot of stock in the one off failure of a product.
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