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Thread: close call today

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    close call today

    we live in farm country and I was out for a ride today. I was going down a straight piece of road with a field on the left side and the farm house on the right. I had been past this place 100 times before, in fact this farm was our family homestead from the late 1800s. there was a flock of peacocks down in the field next to the road and when I was close to them, one of them decided it was a good time to head home, so up onto the road he came running. I started to slow down, not because I was close, but because all farm animals are dumb. he got to the center line and thought it would be a good idea to take flight, which was a pretty good idea if he knew how to fly in a straight line, but no, not this guy. once he was air born, for some reason he did a 3/4 turn and ended up coming right at me. being on a new bike I hadn't practiced any panic stops yet, wish I had, then I would have know that rear brakes are all most useless. also I didn't realize how long a peacocks tail was, but I do now. I managed to veer to the left and we avoided a head on. that was a interesting start to my afternoon ride. in this area there a lot of peacocks wondering around on the roads being a pain in the butt
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    736 cant eat why do people insist on keeping them around
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    I'm glad your o.k. Greg, you never have a clue what animals will do.
    I'm convinced suicidal deer hide in bushes alongside the road just to jump into vehicles.
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    Peackocks are bad, deer are worse, glad you didnt hit either. Head on a swivel!
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    Turkeys are just as bad. I've had several close calls not just here in Florida but in Tennessee as well. They must have some kind of interstate network to know when I'm coming.
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    I had a friend who laid down a bike when a seagull flew into her wheels. Anything bigger than a rat is a risk if it gets into the wheels path, the spokes, or the chain. Or need I mention veering into traffic to avoid an animal is dangerous beyond measure. Glad you fared weel.
    BTW people keep them because they are too dumb to wander and squawk like hell when visitors come (aka watch dogs that don't bite).
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    Playing Chicken (whether you wanted to or not) with a Peacock?
    You can certainly check that off your BTDT list.
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    I was the passenger in a van in the early hours, when a seagull ended up sprawled across the wind screen at 30mph – the driver casually switched the windscreen wipers on for a second, and it was gone (presumably dazed and confused)

    As for peacocks – not so much around these parts – we do get pheasants all over the road, crazy birds. Had a “head to arse” encounter once (thankfully I had my visor down at the time) – I’ll spare you the details – I don’t know who was more embarrassed, me or the bird …….
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    I just hate it when peacocks do that!
    BTW you can eat them. ON the TV show "Naked and afraid," I watched a couple eat a peacock with no seasoning at all.
    They said it was really good but then they had not eaten anything for 6 or 7 days.
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    Some might think having a passenger to swat them birds out of the way is a good idea.

    Glad you are OK without any tail feathers in your teeth.
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