junk OEM fork boots
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    So I replaced a fork boot with an OEM one that was over priced and now it is split open. I replaced the other one with an after market boot that is much thicker rubber and looks like it will last. I should have replaced both boots with the aftermarket ones at the same time. Live and learn. Beware of over priced and poor quality OEM fork boots. On a positive, that is the only thing I have had to gripe about in over 13,000 miles of trail riding so I have no regrets about buying this fun little bike.

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    I agree. I bought a set of black ones two years ago and they cracked. It seems that the new ones are cheaper than the ones made 20 years ago. I bought some Daystars and though there weren't a perfect fit, they do work great and they are half the price of crappy stock ones.
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    When I was looking for new fork boots I think OEM Yamaha were about $40 each. Aftermarket generic size were $17 for the pair. The lower end fit was a little large and I had to use a plastic tie strap but so what! They work great.
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