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    I took a picture of the broken bolt that adjusts how much return travel there is on the brake pedal. When I examined the picture I saw a hole rusted in the frame. Anyone else have this problem and if so what did you do about it? My plan now is to clean up the rust and run a short bead to repair it.

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    That's what I'd do. If you're using arc, be sure to unhook the CDI and battery just in case. There's an open frame tube somewhere down there I think, and somebody (maybe POR15, can't remember) is making an internal frame coating nowadays in a rattlecan with a long hose. I'd be sure to get it from the inside in that neighborhood if you want to prevent that kinda thing a bit.

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    Good advice from assquatch20. I posted a thread sometime back about this being the weak point of the TW. I've seen a few old hard workers that have broken there and been rewelded. A mechanic whose been working on them at Yamaha and then at his own workshop for since they came out alerted me to this weakness. Here's a pic of one that I looked at and took a pic. When they break there from rust and jumping which they're not built for, the whole motor falls out the frame and hangs since there is no cradle. I think mud blocking that drain hole is a big culprit as is the small pond made by the join. Of course on this forum stories of longevity are preferable to decay, but some appropriate riding and preventative medicine in this instance can increase life.

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