Video for TW Hunters (not mine)
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Thread: Video for TW Hunters (not mine)

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    Video for TW Hunters (not mine)

    This is not my video. My opinion - I agree with most of what he says, but more importantly he tells people to do their homework. Iím posting this because itís a good quality video and heís got some nice trails to ride. And also because many new members could probably benefit. Remember itís his advice, not mine. Not sure if he is a forum member here, he refers to the Facebook TW forum. Iíve seen some of his other videos. I think he and TDubskid did a joint ride and video on YouTube. These guys are interesting and I like that they do all their own work on their bikes. Cheers and enjoy

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    My brain feels nice and clean. I am sorry but my bikes are golden. Hahaha.
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    Yeah I think we are gonna get a biased love for the TW's, that is why we are here, I have owned both a TW200 and KLR650, I prefer the tw for everything but highway driving, in the trails its faster than I could ever get my klr going, also easier to lift over logs, and its alot cheaper to insure here in Canada.
    just my 2 cents

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    The kid is very entertaining but full of BS.

    I have seen and enjoyed his other videos. Pretty good really. He just doesn't know what he is talking about.
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