Is hauling one TW on a two bike trailer smart
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Thread: Is hauling one TW on a two bike trailer smart

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    Is hauling one TW on a two bike trailer smart

    Looking for a TW and considering ways to carry it. If I choose a trailer built for two bikes (bringing a friend's along) but somedays only carrying mine, is it an invitation for trouble? Or should I consider a three place trailer and center my bike on solo trips?
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    I would buy a regular utility trailer big enough for 2 bikes. That way you could haul 1 in the middle, 2 side by side, or use the trailer for a run to the local home improvement store.
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    It is hard to say for sure without knowing the specifics of the trailer that you are considering. I have a small two place motorcycle trailer on which the right side channel is slightly offset towards the center of the trailer to somewhat compensate for when only one bike is being trailered. So unless the trailer is very narrow, very lightweight and has very small donut sized wheels, I would not worry too much about trailering only a single TW.
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    Quote Originally Posted by scotti158 View Post
    I would buy a regular utility trailer big enough for 2 bikes. That way you could haul 1 in the middle, 2 side by side, or use the trailer for a run to the local home improvement store.
    This, AND, add holes for wheel chocks that you can place as needed.
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    I can't speak to other brands of trailers but when I first bought my Kendon dual trailer one of the first thing I bought was the Center Rail Chock for hauling a solo bike.
    Big surprise to me was that Kendon sternly recommends NOT to do this. The 3rd/extra rail is for hauling 3 bikes (obviously smaller dirt bikes) and not a single.
    With torsion-bar suspension it is engineered to hold one bike by itself on either side. It really is a mind-freak initially doing this because if you look at it... well... it just doesn't seem to make sense.
    But it does work very well/perfectly this way. Really makes no sense to buy a single trailer for any motorcycle. They'll always be someone or some other bike to haul. I have a carrier now to. But sometimes the trailer is just as easy to layover in the garage and haul one bike.

    I'm usually hauling two bikes but one is not out of the question. Funny thing is that because you have to drill some holes in the trailer to install the 3rd rail, I never had done so. Was never going to use it they way I thought I could.

    Even at 500 lbs. the trailer (at least this brand and suspension) does not lean at all. Kinda mind-boggling!

    I don't leave the VersaHaul together so when I'm going to use it I have to "build" it. That and it's weight (it's darn heavy) sometimes makes just using the Kendon an easier hook-up.
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    Can't say whether it's smart, but I've done it a million times with my bikes.
    I now have a well used harbor freight trailer. I cam put the bike anywhere. It's Chinese, it's cheap, and one of the most useful things I've ever bought
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    Just be mindful of the weight capacity of what ever trailer you do decide on. A single TW weighs right around 300 pounds so 2 TWs would be 600. A trailer with a 1,000 or 1,200 pound capacity would be most suitable for this load. My utility trailer has a 3,500 axle and sucks for carrying just one light bike or garden tractor because it bounces all over the place. I built one of the Harbor Freight El Cheapo trailers and I did beef it up a bit and love it. I would not recommend it for long hauls but for minor short distance hops it is perfect and with a 3/4" treated plywood floor you can add and remove any chocks and eyelets as needed. For around $300 and a days assembly time you can't beat it for a TW or in my case a couple kayaks.

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    I have a two motorcycle trailer, home built I think, and I haul one TW on it all the time. I have had zero troubles doing it, even doing 70+ mph.

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    A commendable job on that trailer. I see from one picture you haul your bike on one side of the trailer. Any issues there?

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    OK Cascade Rider; I know a picture is worth a thousand words - but if you go back and ignore the pictures, you'll have your answer

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