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    So, we bought another TW last weekend. By "we" I mean my sister's family. After the first time my sister rode mine I told her, "You'll be getting one soon"

    Last Friday she saw an '87 on Craigslist for $800. I don't know how that price is in the rest of the country, but around here it seems pretty good. They don't come around too often, and this is the cheapest I've seen.

    Bought it from a farmer who had bought it for his then 11 year old son 6 years ago. It's got about 16,000 miles and is in decent shape. Needs carb cleaned, new chain, new grips, and normal maintenance stuff.

    So now we have:

    '05 Honda Goldwing (me)

    '97 Honda Foreman 400 (wife)

    '96 Yamaha TW200 (me)

    '87 Yamaha TW200 (sister & brother in law)

    '78 Honda XL175 (sister)

    '71 Honda SL70 (niece, once we get it running again)

    Garage is over full now so we've got to stop buying for now.

    Oh, also bought a 7x14' trailer for $375 for hauling all of this stuff.

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    The only real issue on an '87 is the CDI is unique to that year, I believe. If you see one that works, buy it, and maybe repeat. I'm pretty sure you can get them new still, but the price is just hard to swallow.

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