Price of 2018 TW
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Thread: Price of 2018 TW

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    Price of 2018 TW

    Today I visited a motorcycle dealer to look at a used TW. It was already sold so I sauntered -- I had to, no choice really, who could blame me -- too close to a 2018.

    MSRP was $4599 (US price). I had the guy run the numbers and with shipping, assembly, documentation, state / local taxes and it came to $5900. I asked him at what figure he would let me roll it out the door.

    "Around $5500."

    For those here who have bought a new TW, your opinion?
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    Cascade Rider,
    I just purchased 2 TW200's. A 2006 with 5000 miles for $1900 (plus tax and license) and a 2014 from Malcolm Smith Motorsports in Riverside with less than 600 miles for $4100 out the door with tax and license. I previously received an out the door price for a new 2017 for a little over $5000 out the door with tax and license from Pasadena Yamaha. I've bought a lot of motorcycles in my life, and have done amazingly well getting great buys on pre-owned bikes. I use Craig's list heavily, but I also check out dealerships for once loved specials. IMHO, seek out a used TW. I don't want to start another discussion of how to inspect a used bike since I am sure there are many such other threads.
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    I just bought a new 17 back in April for 3699.00 out the door.

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    Sounds high.

    I got my local dealer to knock a few hundred dollars off list for my 2017. Plus 7% GA sales tax and some small tag/title fee.

    I might have been able to drive a harder bargain, but it’s a low-volume dealer and it’s in my interest to keep them in business.

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    Depending on time of year, you can find one here in SE MI or NW OH for about $4K. I would say $5.5k out the door is the "typical" price you would end up paying here. They add a bunch of fees, then knock them off to come to the "discounted" price.
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    5500$ CAD + tx.
    Luckily for me I bought myself a used one. Fell twice on it, lots of scratches on the plastics and the gas tank (90% offroad).
    If you plan on getting this thing in the wood or in the trails forget about a new one.
    2005 TW200 from Québec.

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    Just bought a 2018,(Love it) slightly less than 5 out the door price. Newnan, GA. the add on shipping fees are where the get you. My guys shipping less than 200. Dealer in macon wanted over 800. in shipping.
    Good luck Brother.

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    Congrats on the brand new ride!
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    Advertisement from NobleRush in Auburn, 10 miles or so from you has a 2013 with 677 miles on it for $3,499. Would not think they will have the shipping/assembly fees etc. on used. Call and ask the "out the door" price. 888-541-4157

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    On buying new if you get a couple hundred off the msrp then the deal is on freight, set up and some fake doc fees. The lic, taxes, registration and some doc fees are set in stone. They don’t have a lot of margin on these bikes. The dealer is hoping to make money on service and accessories. Because you will buy gloves, helmet, etc if you already don’t have them.

    I like to buy new since I usually keep my stuff for a long time. Although at 65 I don’t know how time I have left. Lol. That being said I got our 2014 6 month old bikes one from the owner and one that the son traded in back to the dealer. Both had 150 and 200 miles on them. Got them for $3300 not counting taxes and registration fees. They also had @$500 of after market stuff already on them. So lightly used can be a great deal when you can find it.

    Happy hunting deal making.
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