Advise please... if you had the choice between these two, which would you choose ?
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Thread: Advise please... if you had the choice between these two, which would you choose ?

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    Advise please... if you had the choice between these two, which would you choose ?

    I have been in contact with a fellow concerning a decent adult owned, second owner. 1996 with over 7500 miles on the odometer.. It has a very nice heavy duty rear rack andnew Kendon ( I think P 96 ) front tire and a kick starter... The bike has definately been ridden during the past 21 years but even with some wear seems to be in decent shape considering it's age ... I have the price on this one down to $2000.

    Then there is a like brand new 2011 with 360 miles on it. It can be mine for an even $3000.... This bike is " bone stock " with no add on's , and is owned but seldom ever ridden (do to a foot injury resulting in a permenant SSD disability injury) by a semi disabled senior. This bike really is in " As New Condition ".

    Here's my situation... I have the cash on hand for the 96 but would have to wait for Dec 1st to fund the additional $1000 ( as I want to buy either bike for cash ) .... The second guy said he would hold it for me until then with a good deposit.

    So, if it was your choice and you knew it was most likely the only TW you may ever have do to age and health issues which way would you go?

    I have COPD , thyroid and blood pressure issues, along with " Controlled " Type II diabetes, and a newly discovered very small area of cancer in my left lung, ( which is scheduled for Radiation treatments thru the VA in Portland Ore. starting in Feburary ).... These are the issues I was refering to in an earlier post when speaking of agent orange issues.

    At this time I am very active on my 2014 900 cc Triumph America which I have set up for Distant destinations and a brand new 2017 H/D Softail Slim with the SE 110 ci. engine
    This is definately a " Butt Draggin' Go Fast " and way fun to ride to the coast and closer to home. So as you can see at this time I am good to go in the M/C riding department.

    Thanks for your thoughts and advise on wich bike you would choose.
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    If I was aging with health problems, I'd probably go with the newer one.
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    I cannot speak from TW experience as, like you, I am on the hunt now. I have owned a number of mototcycles and older cars, my first car being a 29 Model A. I have found the older a vehicle is, if it is maintained, the more satisfaction it has given me.

    In your case, treat yourself to the lesser miles and newer bike. It will look really sharp in your stable.

    By no means are older TWs unrelilable as anyone who is familiar with this forum know this is not the case.

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    My vote would also be for the newer bike and although it may have been sitting for a while it's still 15 years newer.
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    That is a tough choice since you can ride the older one home today (I am impatient) and it has some nice farkles already. Do you enjoy wrenching on bikes? If so I’d say go get the older one today, kick her to life and ride it. If you aren’t wanting to have to do any wrenching and have more patience than me drop off the deposit and thank the nice man for holding on to the bike for you.
    Forever grateful for all your help brother
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    They both sound like good deals for the asking prices.
    Older is, well older and sounds like it's been ridden. Newer has ridiculously low miles and will probably need a good fuel system flush.
    If the newer seller is really willing to hold for you then I would give him a deposit and wait the month. I doubt there would be regrets other than the waiting time.

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    Buy the newer one with under 500 miles on it. 7500 miles on the older one is not a deal killer but it is always possible the maintenance was not kept up on. 20 more days won't make or break you for getting the right bike.

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    They both sound like pretty good value. In my opinion - buy from the fellow old guy. Someone who is nice enough to hold a bike for you probably took good care of that bike too. Just my hunch/opinion. Keep us posted. The hunt is half the fun. Cheers
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    96 sounds like it's way over priced, IMHO. Just sold my 96 with many extra's and 3400 miles for only $1700. If you ride it and put anymore miles on it the value will decrease quickly. Plus maintenance and repairs that an 21 year old bike will surely need. Not to mention the reliability with your health issues. It's a money pit forget about it.

    The 2011 would be my choice. With only 360 miles and like new for only a grand more. You could ride the 2011 and put a few thousand trouble and worry free miles on it and sell it for what you paid for it.
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    Have you ridden both?
    The tires on the 2011 are nearing the end of their life expectancy even though they have little wear. The carb on the 2011 could be gummed up from the lack of use.
    I bought a 2001 with over 48000 km on it a few years ago and have had no major issues with it. The previous owner had worked through all the carb issues and the bike runs like a charm. I have put over 4000 hard km on it and it still has lots of life left. The $1000 could go towards moding the bike to fit your riding style.
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