Looking for TW Engine!
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Thread: Looking for TW Engine!

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    Junior Member tlanth1985's Avatar
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    Looking for TW Engine!

    Hey all,

    First time poster here. I have a 1989 TDub that the motor is seized up. Anyone have any leads on a replacement motor? Tried Ebay, nothing really standing out.

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    Welcome. Sorry I can’t help. But if anyone has any leads, this is the place. Good luck with your search. I believe some here have fitted bigger engines (XT225). I’m sure it required mods, but could substantially increase your options. And if it’s not a basket case, yours might be rebuildable. Cheers
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    Did you see this one on the classifieds?

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    Welcome to the forum!

    Where are you located?

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    Welcome to the house of fun

    You may wish to replicate your post in the "Classified" section for the best results - it's for buyers and sellers - and would maximize your reach to members

    We'll leave it sitting here as well - good luck with your search ....
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    Pull the spark plug and pour an ounce or two of Murphy’s Mystery Oil in the spark plug hole and give it a couple hours to a day to seep down. Then try to get the engine to turn over again.
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    Senior Member elime's Avatar
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    Why did it seize? Is it from sitting for a long time without use? Then do the Mystery Oil trick. If that doesn't work take of the head and gently tap on the pistons. Chances are only the rings are stuck.

    If it is from over heating / lack of oil , take it apart and if the upper end of the rod is OK then maybe you can get by with a new piston and used cylinder.
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    Forum members here seem to rebuild more often than replacing damaged TW engines. Repairing is usually not too expensive nor difficult. Somewhere here someone has fixed darn near everything that can go wrong with these motors. So archival as well as current help is available. Maybe share more details of original engine’s failure?
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