What is your favorite tube for the tdub and why, what size?
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Thread: What is your favorite tube for the tdub and why, what size?

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    Senior Member Ken's Avatar
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    What is your favorite tube for the tdub and why, what size?

    Now that I have received my tires, now I need tubes. I have switched tubes from tire to tire over the years. I believe it is time to change them. What are your recommendations?

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    Senior Member ejfranz's Avatar
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    I buy whatever is available. I have had heavy duty and el cheapo. Both have worked fine for me.
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    Only have bought stock tubes. With you're new street oriented tires I presume you ride mostly pavement. I would think stock tubes would be fine for you unless you have to run over a lot of Armadilloes.
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    Senior Member Ken's Avatar
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    Houston, Texas
    I prefer the heavy duty but all I really see in the TW size is Bridgestone or Michelin. I guess I'll get the Bridgestone since they are still holding air. I don't think I ever changed the rear tube which would make it over 20 years old. I haven't seen many armadillos in a while. We use to chase them and catch them by the tail. They run under everything you have to go over or around. I'll have to see if I can get some armadillo pics.
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    Senior Member joeband's Avatar
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    my eyes must really be getting bad, i didn't see the crossbar on the T in tube and thought this was another Lube thread... not needed to see more "natural and water-based." i've generally used heavy duty, and only had one flat, a nail that would've taken out tube short of one filled with ride-on.
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    Any tube as long as I add RideOn sealer and balancer.
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    Senior Member Maxpower's Avatar
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    the TW wheels are heavy enough. Adding weight with HD tubes I don't feel is a good thing.
    But if you ride in a area that you need them not to flat out then heavy wheels are better than flat wheels
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