New Guy and '98 Fixer upper
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Thread: New Guy and '98 Fixer upper

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    Red face New Guy and '98 Fixer upper

    Howsit folks,

    Quick Intro
    I'm a South African so in case you were unsure... Howsit means "hello" and "How are you". We use the term a lot in my home city Cape Town. If you live or have been to South Africa then you might agree that it is a beautiful country which is the reason i'm lucky enough to join all of you. I purchased a 1998 TDub from a friend for a steal and now my summer project is to get her going and see more of my "backyard"

    Reason I'm Here
    Primarily to use your collective knowledge of this machines ( and basic ) mechanics required to repair the bike,
    and then to enjoy the ride and possibly ride with some members one day!

    I took her to the mechanic who wanted to take me for a ride( the overpriced ride) . So I denied him the chance to screw me and started my path of being hands on with my own machine. I have studied some of what I believe the problem is so hopefully you can make sense of my novice diagnosis. The Intake Valve rod has mushroomed. I haven't taken look myself but I gather that I will need a new intake valve and the tools required to do the job.

    Do I need a new valve seal for this?
    Will I need a new Adjuster Screw?
    I will need a new head gasket... right?
    What tools do I desperately need on such a low budget.
    Is Ebay cheaper then yamaha directly.
    What else should i check on the bike, it has been ridden for 6 months.

    Below is the only guide I found for this job and it is not detailed enought for me to be confident

    Replacing intake valve - Yamaha TW200 Trailway Discussion Forum

    So ya that wont be all from me unfortunately. any help would be appreciated and I'm happy to take pics/vid of my setup so everyone can be on this journey with me!

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    Howsit Keganfinder, and welcome to the forum!

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    Hello from Bel Air Maryland

    I restored a 1988 last year which needed a lot of work, and I had a good motor. It gets expensive quick not to mention the tools I needed. See Project Black Widow.
    If I would have had to pay a shop it would have not been cost effective.
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    Double check prices before ordering parts, some stuff on eBay is more expensive used than a new one from a dealer. Of course shipping to your location may change that. Many of use here have returned neglected bikes back to running, myself included, and we are always happy to help. Welcome to the group and I’ll take a look at some info for you tonight when I’m off work.
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    Forever grateful for all your help brother
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    Hi and welcome. Search for Cornelis’ Cornshield Rebuild project. He is from South Africa and I believe he rides more kilometers per year than any other TDuber (unofficial). He would probably be a wealth of info on sourcing parts in your area as he just did an extensive rebuild to 215 cc. Cheers.
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    Howdy ya'll (similar to your howsit folks).

    Here are a couple threads which may help you with your mushroomed valve. Hopefully, you'll be able to see the pictures too.

    Probably best to replace as many as the parts you can. I have reused my head gasket before so it can be reused but why chance it.

    Tools you'll probably need besides the normal ones. You can obtain the actual special tools needed or possibly make your own as you'll see in the threads. I made a valve spring compressor tool out of a C-Clamp with a small metal grinder to crudely shape it. Tweezers came in handy when dealing with those little valve spring bits. Torque wrench when putting the head back on for sure.

    Anyway, here are a couple of the threads which may help you out. Good luck.
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    Cornelis is in Centurion. Are you anywhere near that? And Welcome to the forum!!
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    98's are the best year - all the teething problems are over, and you still get the kick start - better build quality too

    Welcome to the board ....
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    Welcome from Canada! Good luck with your repairs.
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    Welcome from Texas and enjoy the repairs along with learning how to do them.

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