JC Whitney out of the motorcycle parts business.
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Thread: JC Whitney out of the motorcycle parts business.

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    JC Whitney out of the motorcycle parts business.

    The vast majority of motorcycle parts have been removed from JC Whitney's site. All google links to motorcycle parts are broken. Talked to a customer service rep; They have a limited selection of parts left, and when they're gone so is the motorcycle section. They stopped the printed motorcycle magazine earlier this year. I've been buying motorcycle parts from JC Whitney for more than 20 years. Air filters, windshields, crash guards, grips, chrome farkles, you name it. It's always been my go-to for motorcycle parts, and I've always loved pouring over the print magazines. That era has ended. They are concentrating on car and jeep parts now. Any other powersports is also on its way out. The ATV section is suffering the same parts unavailibity, as is the RV section.

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    Too bad, the end of another era. Before the internet browsing the J.C.Whitney catalogs provided countless hours of entertainment.
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    Looking at JC Whitney parts was like looking at the bra section of a JC Penny catalog when I was a kid. This was especially important since my dad didn't buy or hid very well Playboy.

    I have to admit I didn't remember they had a motorcycle section. It is kind of an empty feeling particularly if they were your go-to motorcycle parts place. With online competition, I suppose they had to cut their losses and move on.
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    I remember perusing the phone book sized Sears catalog as a kid....esp the mini bike section. My first motorized vehicle was a Sears 3 1/2 hp mini bike. I prob put 100,000 miles on that thing!

    I have purchased a lot of stuff from JC Whitney - so much internet competition now.
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    Tires,Helmets,Chains and Sprockets. Some of it was even pretty good.

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    Wow, that’s a surprise. I remember when getting the new catalog was a big deal and everyone wanted to borrow it.
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    There's always the Tucker Rocky or WPS books to leaf through...
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    I drooled more over a JCW motorcycle catalog than Playboy when I was 16. More than 45 years shopping and dreaming from that catalog and now it's over. At least there's still Playboy...
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    That is too bad. Not only the motorcycle, but also RV parts. I used to love poring over the RV section, poring over the Jeep section, poring over the VW section, and poring over the motorcycle section.

    Just pouring out my feelings about a company that has been part of my life for a long time.
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