Thoughts on Slime for tires?
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    You can not turn on the radio without being bombarded with ads for slime tire sealant. What are your thoughts on filling your tires with slime? I am thinking about doing it before hunting season but I also ride my bike on the street alot. I have heard people bad mouth the product but I can not remember why. Any thoughts on using it?

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    Interested as well to see if anyone uses it in their bike. I am in the Outdoor Power Equipment business and wether it is Slime or Tire Science(similar products) I know alot of guys use it in low pressure riding lawn mower tires with alot of success against goat head weed punctures etc.

    I also know several guys who use it with good results in mountain bike tires, however they do complain that it does add it bit of weight, not an issue with a motorbike.

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    I thought the general consensus here was for "Ride On". Similar product with very good results, specially with balancing home swap jobs.
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    yeah, there was a long dicussion on this and "ride on" is the product to use. Save your slime for your riding lawnmower and wheel barrow.
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    I put a tire sealant in the TW's tires just this week. I asked the manager at the local Yamaha dealership what he recommends. They carry Slime, Ride On, and Amerseal. He did not recommend Slime (they stock it because some of their customers want it), he said Ride On is great for balancing tires, but he recommended Amerseal, which is what I went with. I'm not trying to muddy the waters, but there really are many choices out there. Mel

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    I've read that amerseal is thicker then rideon. Both are supposed to last much longer then slime

    Tire sealants' efficiency in tube tires is reduced to 55-65% since puncturing objects often tear the tube.



    While I still use tubes..

    A redneck fix would be to smear an entire tube of 3m 5200 sealant around the rim and make it tubeless.

    Think I'm kidding.....




    5200 is really bomb proof, Lord have mercy on your soul if you ever have to remove the stuff.

    5200 product review



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