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    I got my Tdub last week and my buddy thinks it's awesome. I went and looked on kijiji for another one in case he wants to get one... I found this one


    for $750.00. I don't have a millage for this bike... just wondering what you guys think of the price.

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    Newest member of the herd... 1987 Honda CBX250... this bike will become a board tracker this summer

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    Bought another bike last fall (2012) ... 1982 Kawasaki KZ305 it's a "mostly done" bobber project I got for practically nothing

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    The Price is Right (no, not the television show). If the mileage isn't rediculous it looks like a decent buy. You can expect to put at least a $150 in it right off the bat with the cables, breaks, and whatever he isn't saying. Ride it and see what you think.
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    I'd jump all over that! Everyone loves an 88' black widow. Best color scheme of all in my opinion. There are plus and minuses of 87-2000 vs 2001-present TW's.
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