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    How hard are parts to find for the TW200? Other than chains and sprockets, what are the most common parts that fail on the bike?

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    Typically gaskets fail(and by fail i mean start to leak esp...the base gasket) more than anything on this bike. If you give her regular maintenance and well lubed she will do you right. Also how you ride effects breakages.

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    Really, not much is set to fail if you take care of it. The only common ones are the chain and sprocket, as you mentioned, base gasket from about 2005 until 2008 or so, CDI's on '87's, and there was a recall in foreign markets due to a thin weld on the rear shock a few years back. The recall was not in effect in the states, and nobody that I know of has reported the weld ever breaking. Outside of that, you're good if you take proper care of it.

    As for parts availability, I believe nearly everything can be bought new. I mean, they still make the bike, so I'd imagine they have to make the parts first.

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    Quote Originally Posted by n2o2diver View Post
    Yer butt, from the seat!

    Can't agree with you more on this one !!
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    There are aftermarket sources for parts too, such as:

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    I noticed that the front rectangular side reflectors have been discontinued. Took me awhile to find some.

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