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    This spring I saw a helmet for sale that caught my eye but missed who made it. It was a "jet fighter pilot" style with a clear lens AND a dark lens both are retractable into the helmet by use of one of two levers on the side of the helmet. Anyone have any idea where I can get one? Or who makes them?

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    Bought another bike last fall (2012) ... 1982 Kawasaki KZ305 it's a "mostly done" bobber project I got for practically nothing

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    I have a Shark Evoline that I think is the greatest thing ever. Expensive but, in my opinion, worth it.


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    Exactly what do you mean by "pilot style?"

    Are you looking for a pilot-style like this?: http://www.perfmoto.com/agv/helmets/...-face?iwd=2399

    Or do you want the dual-shield in an open-face?: http://www.perfmoto.com/afx/helmets/...-face?iwd=3481

    There are several brands that now offer dual-shield helmets so you don't have to carry an extra for nighttime riding. Do you want an open-face, full-face, or more of a dual-sport? What kind of money do you want to spend? Is DOT acceptable or do you require SNELL 2010/ECE/etc?

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    I have this

    With a FX-39 NON DS smoked shield on top of the clear. I can raise or lower the smoked one independently. I don't like wearing sunglasses when in a helmet but when I work 12-9, having the smoke for the ride in works and clear on the way home

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