TW200 or XT250?
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Thread: TW200 or XT250?

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    Junior Member bnorth's Avatar
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    Aug 2012
    Which bike to buy? The TW200 with its older engine technology or the XT250 with fuel injection?

    I want to be able to get through steep muddy trails so the TW wide tires looks good but the XT250 has better clearance, same seat height and more shock travel - all for the same price.

    Any opinion or experience would help.

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    Member Thomas K's Avatar
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    Feb 2011
    Pleasant Lake, MI.
    Get the tw200, they are way cooler.

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    Senior Member Stromper's Avatar
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    Oct 2011
    Eastern Connecticut
    Oh boy fuel injection then you can't change the jets

    If you are going on well defined trails with other sheeple then the 250

    If you think you will be a blazer, an explorer, to boldly go

    then the TW

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    Senior Member DonBenito's Avatar
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    May 2012
    Tucson, AZ
    Have you had a chance to sit on both models for comparison?

    While I was shopping for a TW one dealer had an XT250 marked way down and he was really trying to sell me on it. I sat on the bike for a little while, but I just wasn't feeling as comfortable on it as I was on the TW.

    I was definitely interested in that extra 50cc, but in the end I went with the bike that felt right.
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    Senior Member evan's Avatar
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    Aug 2011
    Woodland, California
    Get the Tdub. Great exploring bike with this great forum to help with upgrades and advise. If you get the xt250 we'll all just ignore you.... of course just joking about ignoring you. I think if your going to mainly be riding street go with the extra power of the honda but if mostly trail riding then that big fat rear tire makes the tdub a better choice.
    Mike Carter. Woodland, California (NorCal). '89 Tw200 (Black Widow Edition). Blood red Jimbo shield, Cycleracks, Nuvi 500 GPS, Kolpin fuel pack jr., D shield bark busters, 55t rear sprocket, Golden boy front tire, Ricochet shield.

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    Parker, CO/Livingston, MT
    My son tried to talk me into the XT250 because of the fuel injection (don't need to worry about altitude) but after doing some heavy reading on the TW forums I went with the TW.

    Like someone here said, there is no limitations to the TW, it's usually the riders experience. Other bikes worry about the terrain the TW just goes.

    Buy the TW,


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    Senior Member PalmStateCrawler's Avatar
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    Aug 2011
    Cayce, SC
    Given you are on the TW200 FORUM, most answers will be a tw. Just figure out what kind of riding you will be doing, what is comfortable and get what you want. I also compared a 250place and bought my tw. There are times when I think to myself, that 50ccs would help a lot right now but they are few and far between. It is a great all-around bike. The wide tires really sold me and it gets a lot of attention wherever I go.
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    Senior Member Gerry's Avatar
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    Paradise, Calif.
    Think PalmStateCrawler summed it up pretty good. You are asking a bunch of TW folks which small displacement bike you should buy. I am not a real technical guy, but since most automobiles have left the carburetor behind, I would be inclined to think that fuel injection offers some real advantages. Likely, servicing the unit in your garage is not one of them. Then again, only about half of us feel very uncomfortable taking our carburetors apart. Likely the Honda will have more zip on the street, and my guess is, the suspension on the Honda is current technology. The TW has a couple of pogo sticks slipped into a triple-tree.

    The TW has merit, that's for sure. For us older guys it reminds us of the bikes that we owned back in 197?. It is certainly simple. The bike has been pretty much the same since 1987. It is simple, unique, very reliable, low seat height, offers great traction and likely as a result of this website, seems to have good resale value.

    In my opinion, you will make whatever you buy work for you. If you are an older fellow, you will appreciate the memories the TW will evoke. If you are less than tall, you will appreciate the low seat height of the TW. If you are driven by a high level of testosterone, you will be held in check by the design parameter of the TW. If you think of yourself as the next Super-Cross champion, likely the TW's suspension will keep you in the Chiropractors office as much as on the trail, and minimize the extent of your injuries.

    Don't get me wrong, it is a fun 'trail-bike'. I am 63 and generally ride 90% off pavement at 13mph. This is what I felt compelled to do to make the bike work for me (overlook the rear box and solo seat). This rig has been rejetted, a very 'unstock' rear shock and forks off of a different bike.

    Again, likely you will make either work. Should you be still reaching for the brass ring, in my opinion the TW will not be your best choice.......... Good luck. Gerry

    Take care my Friend.........

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    Jun 2012
    Southern Michigan
    Get the XT and leave more TW's for us!

    Seriously, I compared the two new (carbed XT). They were essentially the same price new. The XT is a good bike, but the TW is cool. It is a little unique.

    There is no rule saying you can't have both! Pick one now and get another one later.

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    Ontario Canada
    When I did my M2 test there was a young guy there with an xt250 a couple of harleys and a couple of sport bikes, everyone gathered around my tdub. The instructor did say though that the 2 "enduros" will have the easiest time on the obstacle course. Get the XT! Kidding

    ain't it purdy!!

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