TW200 trade for KLR650
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    Hi people,

    I have an '02 TW200 w/1800 miles and have a chance to trade straight across with a '01 KLR650 w/6000 miles. Both bikes are in similar condition. Just wanted to know if you have any feedback with the KLR.



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    Near Narrows Bridges, WA State

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    Check the balancer chain tensioner aka doohickey. If theres lots of noise at cold start up from the left engine side it's a sign there may be problems even on a low milage unit. Also check the water pump seal for leaks and the rear sub-frame for cracks or missing hardware. KLR's are good bikes but like anything else there are things to look out for. Best of luck. Mark

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    I'd do it in a heartbeat. Replace the doohickey with the Eagle Mike version if it hasn't already been done. The only reason I sold my KLR was that it was too tall for me offroad even with a lowering link. I think a DR650 would be perfect for me but they are pricey in my neck of the woods compared to KLRs and TWs. The KLR is a great road bike and can be managed on mild to moderate off roading. If you are tall enough, you can take a KLR into more technical situations.

    Do the trade, you'll like the KLR. It's not fast but compared to a TW it is a rocket ship!

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    It all depends on what you want it for. The TW is light years better off-road, but the KLR is a far better street bike if you don't mind the sky-high seat height.

    The KLR is probably the most capable budget touring bike in existence. Change out the "do-hickey" and they are bullet proof.

    That being said, for me personally, I don't care for them. The newer versions still have a 37" seat height, which makes "flat-footing" it impossible for anyone under 6' tall. They also have a plastic fairing and wind-screen which makes them good on the street but heavy and vulnerable to damage off-road.

    For a street-only bike, fine. For anything rougher than a smooth logging road, I'd pass. Not that it is impossible; just that there are better choices if you want dirt capability.

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    The pre-'08 KLR's don't have the vulnerable hard plastics of the later bikes. Their fairings are made of the customary flexible dirtbike material. I've dropped mine a few thousand times

    The newer ones aren't really my thing. Their plastics are of the hard, breakable $treetbike variety.

    Just don't expect it to be a TW or vice-versa and adjust accordingly. Arguably the KLR will require you to be a much better rider offroad.

    Picking one up a few times will generally provide immediate incentive for improvement.

    I can explain it to you, but I can't understand it for you.

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    Mine seemed top heavy, good luck.

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    Do what I did, get one of each!

    I have an '06 TW and an '09 KLR and love them both. What everyone's been saying is right. I use the KLR for on-road commuting, but I use the TW with studs for winter riding because it's light-weight, low to the ground and exceptionally easy to handle.

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    I heard that they're big bikes and leak or use alot of oil and I think they very ugly too.

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    Like the others have said, it depends on what you are going to use it for. The TW200 will shine offroad and on the technical trails. I can take mine places the KLR would never go. If the trails are easy and you ride the highways, the KLR is a better choice. Both would be ideal. First Gen (pre-2008)don't usually have the oil consumption issues. Most have been around and had the "Doo Dun".

    Here is my fleet:

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