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Thread: Power and Top End Upgrade

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    Apr 2012
    I love my TW, but what I really want is a 6 speed TW400. Since Yamaha isn't going to make one of those anytime soon, what's an alternative in a different bike?

    I thought I would like the Suzuki DR650 and so I test drove one yesterday. I liked everything about the bike - more power and plenty of top end but it felt like I was starting in second gear compared to my TW. It has stock sprockets.

    Any suggestions?

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    Southern Michigan
    I think that a 350-400 cc TW type motorcycle would be awesome. Not so much for trails or FS roads like I typically ride, but for the road. I took a 80 mile road trip the other day and for the first time noticed my TW's low power. Riding at 55 (60 indicated) was no problem, unless I hit a headwind (which I did) or a hill (many) or both (most of the ride).

    But then I wonder if just about everyone wishes their bike had just a little more. Is there a real Dual Sport out there that people who buy it don't start modifying for more power or wishing they could?

    On edit: I got so wrapped up in my own thoughts (thread jack) that I didn't write what I meant to when I first read your post. On the DR, what would you think about installing a smaller front sprocket or larger rear sprocket to gain a little more low end (at the price of losing some top end of course)?

    As for other options, a 225 and 250 TW has been done. That gives you the TW with a bit more power.

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    I haven't ridden one, but there is Suzuki DRZ 400. Yamaha WR250R. Those are the two that come to mind. Also the Ryoku (sp) if it ever makes it past the concept stage.

    2001 TW

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    ^ No personal experience here, but the DRZ400 does seem to be very popular.
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    I have a highly modified 2008 TW200, it's now a TW250 with the engine coming from a 2003 YZ250F. LOTS more power and better top end but to accomplish this there is significant frame work that needs done.

    Full custom 2008 TW200/250 build pics of my bike... I call her TW (short for "Twice Wicked" for her almost doubled HP Hidden Content )

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    Newest member of the herd... 1987 Honda CBX250... this bike will become a board tracker this summer

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    Bought another bike last fall (2012) ... 1982 Kawasaki KZ305 it's a "mostly done" bobber project I got for practically nothing

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    The DR650 does seem to be a little high geared stock, tooth down on the front , and a touch bigger on the back make for a torquey ride. Its pretty top heavy though if trails are your thing, not too bad on the street.

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    Eastern Connecticut
    If you paddle with your feet when in the dirt then a TW is the only bike

    All other dirt bikes are too tall to "dab"

    I loved my DRZ 400s probably should not have sold it but at the

    time I only wanted 1 bike.Top speed 92 cruise everywhere at 80

    Dirt and road the twain's will really never meet

    I have Vstrom, TW, and permanent use of an old BMW 650 single ...Aprilla Pegaso

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    I have a DR650 and I went down 1 tooth on the front sprocket. A pleasant change but going up 3 or 4 or 5 teeth in the back will be will make it better yet. I also installed a master link in the chain.

    Personally I like the TW better. It is lighter and the seat is lower to the ground. The DR is great on asphalt for longer trips and OK on dirt roads but I would never take my DR where I take the TW. The seat is to high off the ground and it is heavier. I know I will be falling over more often on the DR if I take it where I take the TW.

    I am sure there are people that can take the DR more places than a TW can go but I am not one of them. A friend tries to talk me into taking the DR off roading. He says the extra power will get me out of trouble! Ha! I tell him it is the extra power that will get me into trouble.

    I love my TW. Sure, another 50 cc would be nice, as would a 6 speed, but if that is all that is wrong with it I will take it the way it is.
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