Tree the across road: I should have stayed there
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    This is a TW200 forum, but I know that some of you ride your TWs on the street or have other motorcycles you ride on paved roads. With this beautiful weather, I finally decided to take my new to me '01 Moto Guzzi out for its maiden ride on my favorite back road.

    It had been a few years since I had ridden anything and the quirky California EV was... different. So, I was taking it easy, enjoying the cool shady curves and warm sunny straights, keeping an eye out for loose livestock and slow tractors when all of a sudden, holy integrated brake pedal and hand brake.

    Just over a crest in the road was a huge tree trunk completely across the roadway. No top or limbs sticking up to give a little warning, just the 32 inch two-ton log lying in broken shade.

    U-turns have always been my weakness (I need at least two zip codes to do one) and a downhill u-turn on a narrow, humped black top with slippery pine needles on the shoulder was out of the question. Did it the sissy way: killed the engine in gear, put down the side stand, got off and rolled full lock to the left, then back to the right until I was pointed slightly uphill in the reverse direction, fired up and took off to call it in.

    There had been almost no traffic on the twelve mile stretch that morning and I was glad no one came over the hill behind me while I was turning around. In the many times I had ridden this road, rarely had I ever seen another motorcycle. However, half way to town, a BMW S1000RR zipped by. I couldn't catch him. My mind and guts started churning.

    I should not have left the scene. I should have stayed there on top of the hill where I could flag down traffic. Even though there was no cell phone service, I could have had the next person to show up drive where they could call it in. My stomach began to feel sick.

    On my cell phone is the number for Texas DPS Roadside Assistance, *377. They transferred me to the County Sheriff who agreed to dispatch someone. I got in my truck and headed back, figuring I would beat the deputy.

    As I got closer, my anxiety increased. A pickup was parked on top of the hill with flashers on. Is anyone hurt I asked, then I saw the BMW parked in the shade and the rider walking up the road. He probably thought I was crazy because I shook his hand like a long lost brother. Was I ever relieved.

    Next time, I'm staying.
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    GREAT story Mac. I have not found it often that a situation arises to give meaning to the expression 'you are your brothers keeper'. When it happens, 'you know it' though sometimes it takes awhile to sink-in. Glad it work out; like you I 'got it' a bit after-the-fact and the anxiety began to well up. Sad story, or traumatic experience, I'd rather not deal with either.. Here's to a happy ending........ Gerry
    Take care my Friend.........

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    Glad to hear neither of you were hurt because of this tree. It definitely could have turned out differently.

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    Just after the crest in the road... It's a good thing you were paying attention and not over-riding your line of sight. Good awareness on your part. It could have been worse.

    Sounds like you need to attach a chainsaw to that bike. That'd be an eye-catcher
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    <<<<Sounds like you need to attach a chainsaw to that bike. That'd be an eye-catcher >>>>

    sounds like flingwing's set up.
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    Quote Originally Posted by joe band View Post
    <<<<Sounds like you need to attach a chainsaw to that bike. That'd be an eye-catcher >>>>

    sounds like flingwing's set up.
    Precisely why it's on there. Many of my trails don't get traveled very often and I frequently come upon a downed tree or limb with no go-around in sight. Since I've already seen where I've been I'm not interested in going back.

    Also, don't beat yourself up about not staying at the tree. Unless you were sure someone was coming soon to remove the tree, you better have a lot of camping gear with you. Maybe we should figure a way to carry warning signs and traffic cones? Just kidding there but maybe a role of day-glow engineer tape would be in order? I do think I'm now going to throw a roll in my rack box.

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    When Ronnydog and I did the Iron Butt on our TW's shortly after crossing the Colorado River in the wee hours we came around a tight bend to find what appeared at first to be a dead elk in the middle of the road. It turned out to be a feral burro. I felt guilty the entire rest of the trip for my inaction, imagining a minimum of 26 people died a fiery death from hitting its 500+ pound carcass.

    Tough call. If you'd stayed put you may have been aced by the first bus cresting the hill.

    I can explain it to you, but I can't understand it for you.

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    Thank you for this post.

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    Stay? Leave? I don't know...that is a tough call. I understand your anxiety about the other rider. Good for you for going back to make sure everything was fine. Good heart started to beat pretty fast reading it.
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    I understand the hesitance of leaving, knowing what could have happened. However, the best thing might be to keep some flagging tape on your bike to set up warning of an obstacle. I mean, you have no cell service and you're just going to stay there? What if no one else comes by? What if you're just sitting there for a while, gotta get home, intend to call it in when cell service is regained, and THEN Mr. BMW Bike goes zipping by?

    While we are our brother's keeper, we are not his throttle hand or his individual eyes and personal judgement. If Mr. BMW or anyone else wants to get the land speed record for X trail, it's on them. What if the tree was a truck coming the opposite way and the two meet in the same blind spot?

    Stuff happens. Can't be second-guessing everything and pulling guard duty on fallen trees in BFE.
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