Hug your kid.....before they ride.
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    This was going to be a quick ride and report turned into something very different for me.

    I was excited when my 16 year old woke up early and said "Lets go ride today" cant get any better than that!

    We headed to the 5 mile pass area southwest of SLC and began taking turns riding up into the hills.

    We swapped a couple of times...disclaimer - neither one of us have riding gear, with the exception of helmet, boots, jeans. (I will be fixing that shortly).

    Eric my son, (new rider, just started riding when I picked up my TW a few months ago...I know, I know, having grown up on bikes, I am a terrible parent for not introducing my kids to motorcycles at an earlier age) Anyway, he took off, now familar with the area and the trails, I waited at the truck, with our usual "laps" taking 30 minutes or so.

    15 minutes into his lap, a girl on a KTM comes screaming out of the hills, slams on the brakes right at the road and sits there...I figured she was waiting for someone......she was.

    First one emegency vehicle and then some more.

    A few minutes later this arrives and lands just between the ears of my chocolate lab and just off the nose of my truck.

    Then several of the first responders take off into the hills along with the helo, my son has now been out for approx 45 minutes. I wandered over to the sheriff and ask what is going on.

    "Bad crash, biker down, very serious" is all they know, the girl came upon the wreck with several others and she was sent to the road to wait for the emergency vehicles, she did not not know color of bike, who it was etc etc.

    As you can imagine, the parental mind starts to worry and I, along with several others hung around the remaining vehicles and after 1:15 my son along with several others came riding back to the parking area....what a relief.

    Poor kid, was wondering "what the hell is my Dad doing hugging the crap out of me in front of all these people for??" To be honest I regretted not doing it before he left.

    E had come upon the wreck well after it had occured, and watched as several of the injured riders friends attended to him while waiting for the responders. E was not sure of the injuries, but did say that the kid was in alot of pain etc.

    Sorry to ramble on, but things can turn quickly as you all know for anyone of us, have a good thought for the injured kid and hug you and yours "before" the ride.

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    Wow what a scary event for you. That's crazy ! Glad your son is okay. Hope the other rider recovers. Thanks for sharing.

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    when i was a teen, the fastest i'd ever been on a bike was leading the ambulance to a guy that endo'ed on a motocross track at hollister hills. a compound fracture that i can still visualize nearly 30 yrs later. glad your son was ok.
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    I'm not a parent, but I think I get what you are saying. I have lead emergency vehicles into the hills a couple of time. As to things changing in a heart-beat, AMEN.... As for hugging, I wish we all did it more..... I hope the injured rider has a full recovery and distant memories. For you Sir; I say thanks for the candor, and as well, the reality check. Gerry
    Take care my Friend.........

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    Man, as you continued to set the scene,and show equipment stomach began to tighten up.........yours,Im sure,was doing much more than that!!!!. Glad to see/hear all is well!.

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    Wow, how scary! My Dad and I "lost" our hunting partner a few years ago and we were scared. He showed up just fine but we were freaked. Needless to say, the next year we all got GPSs.

    This is a scary story indeed. Thanks for sharing. I hope the rider comes out okay.
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    My kid suffered brain damage from his real moto-x wreck. He doesn't drool or anything like that but he does have an involuntary shake on his right side and his short term memory is hit and miss. Thank God he was wearing a Shoei SNELL rated helmet when he crashed. Anything less and I'm afraid we'd be changing his diapers for the rest of his life. The neurologist was impressed with the amount of brain trauma he sustained. Anyway, you're right. Bad things happen in an instant and when this happened our kid was about the age of your son. Life is precious and can be taken away in a flash.

    Be careful out there.
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    Great outcome for you - so glad your boy is okay!

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    The days of trail 70 are over

    With the usual exception of almost no other vehicles you can get just as hurt in the dirt

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    Glad you shared the story. Good reminder to us all; hug the kids, wife, or someone special in our life.
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