How much safety gear do you wear?
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Thread: How much safety gear do you wear?

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    How much safety gear do you wear?

    Other than a helmet, I mean. Now that I have tdub, I figure I should spend money on safety essentials first, and comfort/cool stuff after.

    I was thinking boots would be a good place to start. Are those big motocross boots overkill? I assume you want something to protect ankles, but some of those look like they're to keep your leg from getting crushed. I'm not sure how likely that is in the dirt.

    Then knee pads, chest, shoulder, elbow?

    What about the collar brace thing?

    I want to be safe but honestly I'd feel a bit silly looking like a professional motocross racer and going 25mph with my fat tires.

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    Some people believe in ATGAT (all the gear all the time). It is a safe idea because it is just as easy to get hit by a stupid driver when .5 miles from your house as 50 miles away. In general ATGAT includes: pants, helmet, boots, gloves, and jacket. The amount of padding or protection in all of those items can vary greatly.

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    Risk vs Reward. How much are you willing to risk to stay cool on a hot Florida summer day? I'm still working on that one but at the very least I'll have on a good helmet,vented jacket, long pants and for street riding a set of over the ankle boots. For off-road my feeling is you can't go too far. Having a broken bone or even a bad sprain miles from help is not a good time.

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    Depends on your riding skill and what your comfortable with doing.More info on wear you are riding and skill level will help in recommendations. Most time on my TW I wear helmet, boots, gloves and eye protection(sunglasses). But if your going somewhere where you could get hurt bad, rocky areas, cactus, etc... might want to get more gear, pants, chest protector, etc. Riding the street peeps say, dress for the ride, prepare for the slide. If your moving and get hit sliding may happen and road rash ain't fun, been their. Id say most... TW riders will be wearing helmet/gloves at the very least.
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    Very often you can find ADV style riding gear on sale. This will give you the protective padding without the Moto look.
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    I had a machete on the handle bars, sticking up by headlight, and a chainsaw on the back rack. Usually had a Glock 20 on my hip and was working on a way to carry the Tac 14. Guess we all have different needs for safety equipment.
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    25mph with fat tires or not, getting t-boned by a minivan is still getting t-boned by a minivan......

    I took one walking-speed faceplant onto some sandstone rocks so far (see avatar)....I was absolutely stunned by the amount of ouchies I ended up with. Tore a quarter-sized hole in the leather heel of my gloves but the glove sacrificed itself and my hand (although sore from hitting the rocks) wasn't cut up. My left elbow and forearm took the remainder of the impact...Joe Rocket HEAVY and tough riding jacket, complete with inserts over the elbows, shoulders, and spine.....The points on the rocks hit hard enough to break the skin on two spots on my forearm, THROUGH the heavy material of the jacket. The material held up and it left no marks on it at all.. I can just imagine how my hand and arm would have been torn up if I was riding with no gloves in a t-shirt.

    And I'm not kidding...this was picking my way through a washout on a woods road...was in 1st gear, moving at a walking pace. It really made me think about what sort of injuries I'd have had I actually been going at any sort of speed, or hit any sort of object.

    I bought new gloves, lots of padding in the palm and heels, plus rigid pieces over the fingers. Still use the same's heavy and hot, but it already showed me how important the protection is. For boots I bought a used pair of Thor Blitz boots. They fall into a nice spot between a pair of hiking boots and the full MX boots. I putt, I explore, I walk, I stop and fish. Although they would be the best choice for protection, the full BOOT wouldn't really work for me. Well, I should say, I could wear a full boot, and bring a pair of hikers with me and change every time I wanted to walk a bit or fish, etc...but I have a feeling I'd just end up leaving the big boots home and just wearing my hiking boots. So...a half-boot compromise is better for me.

    I vote: Wear the gear, sweat and look stupid.... it'll all be worth it the first time it saves your skin (literally).

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    Helmet, boots, gloves and eye protection are the bare minimum in opinion.

    Helmet ... Slipped on the ice when coming stopped a few weeks ago. Fell backwards and cracked my head so hard/fast I was seeing stars and chipped my helmet. I've had a handful of concussions in my life from playing hockey and being reckless and riding without a full face helmet is ridiculous in my opion.

    Boots ... sw a guy completely destroy his ankle on a rock pile in hiking boots on a DR650. Snapped it clean off mid shin and the inside parts exited stage left.

    Gloves .... its the first thing that hits the ground if you have enough time to react. Palm rash makes for a rough ride home and rocks from other riders sting like a bitch.

    Eye protection .... I got hit in the eye by a bug one time riding my street bike with the shield up. The bug splattered on impact and its guts burned the shit out of my eyeball.

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    Helmet, adventure boots, jacket and pants ( one set for spring and fall and one set that is mesh for summer) and gloves ( off road and street)
    You never know when you are going down no matter how good a rider you are.
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    Yeah, those big ass boots are for keeping your leg or ankle from being crushed, and BOY was I glad I had them on when my rear tire slipped into a hole hidden by tall grass and crunched my leg just above the ankle between the bike and the side of the hole. I got one hell of a bruise instead of a busted tibia. It happened so fast and was so unexpected I didn't even get my foot off the peg. I was going all of three miles an hour in first.

    Full face helmet. The only other time I ever hurt myself on a bike I was STANDING STILL!!!!! High sided on a side hill, stepped off the bike, laid it down nice and gentle, turned, tripped on a branch and face planted into a huge boulder 6 feet down the hill. If I had gone another half inch it would have broken my jaw. As it was I tore a dime sized piece out of my lip and bled like a stuck pig. The 3/4 helmet did absolutely NOTHING to help!

    I like mesh gear with built in padding even though it is not as protective as full on exterior's a hell of a lot more comfortable.
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