So T-dubs aren’t that fun after all?
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    I knew no bike could really be as fun as you describe. All along I suspected you guys were pulling a fast one on me. Now I have proof.

    According to the title of this Craig’s List ad, these bikes really aren’t all that exciting.

    09 Yamaha TW200...

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    At that price he'll prolly be bored a bit longer.

    I can explain it to you, but I can't understand it for you.

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    "trail riding upgraded gear for more speed" Huh? He put a smaller sprocket on for more speed on the trail?

    " have the other gear for torque " I guess that means he has the larger stock sprocket that IS better for trails.

    When someone buys a bike named "Trailways 200" The name or engine size should give you a clue that it's not going to be a fast bike.....

    Seen so many people buy one then bitch cause it can't cope with 65+ mph... Then sell it a couple hundred miles later....


    Anyone remember that TW for sale with the movie camera mounts and mortar tubes for around $5000.00 (With hitch carrier)

    Part of the description was "Would be awesome for filming a freeway chase scene."

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    I responded to the ad for laughs asking him how he came to asking MSRP on a used bike. There was a guy asking $2500 for a used (good condition) all stock 2002 TTR 250 the other week, I told him blue book was only $1700 in EXCELLENT condition. Then he asked me if I was making an offer. LOL I told him I couldn't at his asking price, 3 days later he had dropped it to $1800 ...Some people are hilarious.

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    Everybody knows that regearing for more speed in the trails makes it a less Dull Sport
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    "great to and from work " no wonder its dull
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    One man's "dull" is another man's "excitement"!!!

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    Lol you guys are hilarious! Thanks for the laugh
    KJ, just KJ, ok.

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