Differences between '98 and '09
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    I was able to ride both this evening and noticed big differnces in both.......

    1. the 98 has nice wide feet pegs while the 09 are very small.

    2. the 98 foot brake lever is very small, its almost under the engine.. I assume this isnt they way its meant to be, possible an accident/wreck? but i see no sign of bending in the lever. I almost have to reach under the engine for my toe to engage it. With my foot on the peg i can rotate my foot up and down and never come close to the brake lever. Not so on the 09.

    3. the exhaust on the 09 has a chrome "can" tip and sounds very nice. not so with the 98, its very quite. so quite that i rode up on a guy walking the trails around here, i assume for exercise. I got within 50' before he turned to see what was coming up on him.

    4. 98 speedo bounces around.

    5. the 09 has nicer turn signal switch

    I enjoy them both...................

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    Adjust the rear brake on the 98 "screw in the wingnut" or check the shoes they may need to be replaced. The 98 probably has the bigger foot pegs on it also

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