Prospective TW200 Buying questions!
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Thread: Prospective TW200 Buying questions!

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    Prospective TW200 Buying questions!

    Hey there, to start, this forum is great and the wealth of information on here is awesome-- Thank you!

    I'm considering a TW as a first bike up here in the PNW and have a few questions.

    I'm primarily interested in cruising down fire roads and the occasional trail.. maybe not too super technical.

    -How does the TW handle elevation changes with the carb? I live at sea level but would largely be riding at between 1500-7000k ft; Would I encounter a power dropoff in this situation?

    -Gearing; I like that you can ride it at low speeds with less issues of stalling; how does this compare to say a CRF250L in 1st gear gearing?

    -It seems like the seating position makes standing a little different than more dirt dirt bikes? The taller bikes seem to carry more momentum and riders tend to seem to stand up to absorb things more.. is this mostly by design?

    The bikes I've narrowed down to are the: TW200 if used, new.. Seems like you get more bike for the money with other options. Honda CRF250L - the modern features/aftermarket support and price point are the major selling point for this one-- it seems fairly capable for highway stint.. just heavy. I also looked at a 2018 KLX 250 EFI -- nice bike, lighter than CRF and I can almost flat foot it.. but its not cheap.

    edit: I'm also a bigger guy at 260lb ish, its not super critical that I can flat foot, I felt like I could manage the wr250/crf/klx when I sat on them all.
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    Fire roads and trails: Excellent if you don't want to got fast.
    Elevation: Stock jet OK to 8,000 feet, a bit rich above that but the bike will go to 12,000 and still start. Give me carburation for reliability anyday.
    Stock gearing good for all but steep technical stuff...first gear substantially lower than CRF250L. It will go 60 on the highway but you won't like it.
    Low seating is a design feature, flat foot it through rocks. Suspension is nowhere as good as most dirt bikes, thus the need to ride slower. It can be modified to be better for not much $.


    Great first bike. Great 15th bike. If you want to explore the backcountry at reasonable speeds and not warp speed and carry lots of gear, it's perfect.
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    Welcome to the site. Where are you in the PS If close you are welcome to come buy and take a ride. We have 3. 1 even may still be for sale
    A very very wise man once said “it’s more fun to ride a slow bike fast, than a fast bike slow”.

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    Hey, thanks for the feedback. I'm down here in Pierce County. I may have to head up that way if the price is right.. Hoping to get something mid next month.
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    Welcome to the forum. You’ll never have more fun going so slow.
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    For sure get a TW, you won't be disappointed. I too have 3 and might part with one. I always take two with me on events. I have too many toys and time to thin them out a bit.

    I might add I am your size and a bit. Never had any issues at all with that weight. It does have passenger pegs to with two people on that would more than make up the weight of one of us.
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    I too am a larger gent (6'2"-6'3", around 250lbs), and find the TW has no issues lugging me around. The only comfort modifications I've found necessary so far are a set of bar risers (2") and some slip-on foam/neoprene type sleeves to increase the diameter of the grips a bit (a must for large hands).

    You're not going to win any stoplight to stoplight races with it, but it's a very comfortable and pleasant ride, very low effort, and equally at home on the street as it is on the trail. Think more of it as a trusty pack mule that will stay with you for years, rather than a thoroughbred race horse that only has a couple useful seasons in it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Badgerflorida View Post
    Welcome to the forum. You’ll never have more fun going so slow.
    True, but a TW is not that is just slow by comparison.
    My XT250 would do only about 10 MPH faster than my TW200.

    All my recent bikes have been to over 8,500 feet for local riding.
    From sea level to 8,500 feet is close to a 25% HP loss, so 16 HP at sea level drops to 12 HP.

    I am an "average" weight rider, at just under 180 pounds, but the only noticeable effect was pulling a 6-8% grade to stay ahead of or with traffic in a 55 speed limit and, after run-in , it was OK. I've done 160 mile street trips in a 50-55 MPH zone in Lake Mead Recreational area. Main issue was seat comfort.

    Stock front tire wash out off-road is an issue and therefore, it should be replaced. It was worse on highway rain groves, parallel to travel.

    Don't have a photo of the TW at this Deer Creek Road summit in attached photos, but it was there. Absolutely great for fire roads.
    4-Deer Creek Road, from Lee Cyn to Kyle Cyn.JPG
    7-Deer Creek Road.JPG

    The TW carb is a "constant velocity" type. It has a vacuum operated slide, which lifts the mid-range needle in proportion to throttle position and atmospheric mid range is automatically compensated for altitude.

    At lower elevations, a larger main jet may be beneficial.

    However, the low range circuit is incredibly lean from the factory. Upon purchase, it immediately needs mixture screw adjustment to about 2 1/2 turns from a gentle seat. Easiest way is to loosen hose clamps on both sides, rotate carb ~90 degrees, drill a 1/8" hole in the mixture screw cap and pry out the cap with an awl or inset a sheet metal screw; then turn mixture screw clockwise to seat, back out 2 1/2 turns, rotate carb to normal position and tighten clamps.
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    I think what he's trying to say - is that the TW is a pain the arse, but still good fun .......
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    I guess it depends what you are used to riding. Based on my past experiences, I don't think the TW seat is really that bad.

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