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    Hi Everyone! I am interested in getting a bike, have been for quite some time. I have looked into TW200 and it seems like an awesome and fun bike to ride. I was just hoping to get some feed back on information a newbie like me would want to know before purchasing one? I am a 5'4" woman, and so I am not too sure how this bike would do for me either. Anyway, any help and good information would be awesome! Or if anyone just wants to share why they love their TW so much, I would love to hear. I am interested in using my bike for riding around town as well as trail riding.


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    A TW is a perfect bike if you want the best of both worlds in a short, maneuverable bike. If you're interested in this sort of thing, read up here a lot. Every motorcyclist has to know a bit more about maintenance than someone in a car, or they get rid of it. I guess there's the "have money" option but trailering a bike to pay someone to adjust your chain just sounds ridiculous to me. So read around on what it takes for bike upkeep.

    If you're going to buy used, they're all decent, but try to avoid the 1987 model. It was the first year and their electrical system is unique to itself, so you end up having a hard time finding secondhand parts for them and end up paying too much for a new one.

    Most importantly, look into the Motorcycle Safety Foundation and the courses they offer all over. You can pay for the course, in which you'll practice on a small bike (not uncommon to see the TW200 in the course) and learn a wealth of information to keep you safe. And you come out with your MC license.

    So look into that and report back with any questions.

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    A tw200 would be a great choice! Mine was my first bike, they are easy to learn on. They aren't tall which is comfidence inspiring for new riders, as well as safe because you can get both feet flat on the ground. They don't have enough power to get you into too much trouble. Here in Oregon they use a lot of tw200's for the safety courses. I had already bought mine when I took the Team Oregon course but I also rode on in the course.

    Seems the only year to avoid is the 87. If you get a 2001 or newer you get a disk front brake, and better charging system as well as a trip meter. You lose the kick starter option though. They are fun bikes, cheap to do little mods as well.

    Lots of great information on this site and people willing to help.
    Bryan Bagwell

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    From reading your post, it doesn't sound like there couldn't possibly be a better bike for you to start out on.

    Street? Check! Trails? Check! Friendly to a 5'4" rider? The TW is as friendly as it gets!

    Before you buy one, you should definitely take a little time to sit down with your car and explain that the two of you are not going to be spending much time together anymore. People change after they buy a TW, your car will understand.
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    When I started riding some years ago, I bought my first bike, a Honda XL250 that I loved. Because I was young, however, I soon found a need for a faster street bike and so I bought (in very short order) a Honda 750 that I owned for many years, keeping my XL as well for motocross and off-road fun. Now all I own is my T-Dub and it works great for me - super for 17 mile trips to town and great for getting around the ranch to check my wells and critters - plus occasional trail rides in the surrounding countryside. You have to know how yourself and how you might react as you get comfortable riding bikes.

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    My sister is about 5'2" and she loves the TW. At your size, make sure you get one with a working electric start. My battery is dead and, when it's cold, my sister gets quite a workout starting it.

    Other than that, she thinks it's the greatest thing ever.

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    I'm new to riding myself, and this bike is great. Light, I can stand with both feet on the ground, simple controls, VERY good learner bike, at least it has been for me. I'm hooked.


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    Like another poster stated maintenance should be a tool under the belt of any motorcycle owner worth his/her chaps. I don't know of an easier machine to maintain either, combined with the absolute wealth of info and helpful folks on this forum you'll be good to go. I thoroughly enjoy doing all my own maintenance work on the bike and get quite a sense of satisfaction and pride from it, not to mention the money you save for riding trips! My first TW was actually a training bike for a local place that gave classes so no, I don't think you can find a better dual sport bike for a beginner. However, they're not just beginner bikes either, I remember a member here who had raced for years and owned tons of different motorcycles. He stated the TW was his favorite bike of all. TW's are also reliable as can be long as you do those maintenance intervals. JUST BUY ONE, THEY'RE GREAT !

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    You should definitely try one before committing to a purchase, despite all the positive praise listed above. I do agree with all the praise, but make sure it fits before making your mind up. Most everyone on this forum likes this bike, but that doesn't mean it's for everyone (after all, everyone on here who found a used model bought it from someone who was willing to sell it, and there are stories aplenty on here about cheap bikes with low miles (this tells me the original owner wasn't in love with the riding experience, or it would have been used)).

    If you can, take a safety course (this will help you get your endorsement, if you haven't gotten one already). Not only will it save your life (and make you more confident and therefore more likely to actually get out there and ride), you might get really lucky and find a course where this is the student rider model.

    I would be really interested to see if you buy one and what you think.
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    Hi hi,

    I bought my TW a few weeks ago - best decision I have ever made. having not riden bikes for quite a few years, I am thouroughly enjoying my TDub. She is not fast but very nippy. awesome in town and shortish distance commuting. Even better off road. at 32km/litre, very ecomomical to run. In my opinion, the best dual purpose vehicle I have ever owned. I now find myself looking for excuses to go for a ride.

    I do agree with above comment - take one for a test ride first - but be warned - you will be hooked

    keep us posted on your decision

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