6'1" 230lbs on a tw
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Thread: 6'1" 230lbs on a tw

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    6'1" 230lbs on a tw

    Picking a TW up to ride with my wife when camping, notice that tons of people love these bikes.....I assume they have all the same issues as other bikes.. I have had KLR,DR,225 serow and the like... Seems that the pipes and jetting are alot on peoples minds here. Not sure other then the jetting change that I will do that much to it. I will ride it until it needs something replaced I believe...If you had to tell me one thing in your experience that needs attention... What would it be? Thanks
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    The closest comparison would be the Serrow – but without the hot start problems

    First fix – swap out the front tire for a Shinko 241

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    Welcome to the T-Dub club! The single thing I can suggest is switching out the front tire if it is the original.....unless you will only be driving on the street because no good will come to you on anything but asphalt.
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    Considering your size, if you intend to do anything more than ride it around the camp I would suggest upgrading the suspension. I'm about 225 and just sitting on my 2017 soaked up too much of the available travel leaving too little for any aggressive riding.


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    Welcome to the forum.

    This is a toss up to tell you only one thing but I'm gonna mention two things.

    You may want to get 2" bar risers. Helped me with upper back muscle burn on longer rides. Also, you may want to get larger (wider) foot pegs. You might get tired of your feet slipping off the small (short) OEM foot pegs.


    P.S. This is not a third thing but thinking ahead here, if your buttocks gets sore think seat swap (consept seats modification) or some kind of cushion. Ok, so that was a third thing!
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    Like the others said, front tire and bar risers. You might want some other upgrades in the future depending on your riding needs. I am 265 and yes I do bottom it out now and then when chasing down Fred, but for the most part it works for me.

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    The reason the TW suspension sucks for big riders is that the forks are only filled with enough oil for a 140 lb. rider. The level is usually around 150 mm from the top and it should be around 130 mm. Read the technical writeups to learn how to add oil.....it's pretty easy. Just ignore the parts about changing the oil and simply add enough to bring it to 130 mm, or maybe 128 mm at your weight, before getting all excited about further and more expensive mods.

    Welcome to the madhouse....but it would be better if we knew where you live and what altitudes you ride at before giving jetting advice.
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    I recommend removing the plug over the idle mixture screw and adjusting it a bit richer just to make it smoother at low RPMs and easier to start.
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    Welcome aboard.

    I'm only 130 and change and I bottom mine out often. I have fork oil and plan to top up my oil level soon. You may want to do more with your suspension but fork oil is a good cheap start. Procycle has all the parts you need to upgrade stock forks.

    Shinko sr241 is a much better front tire off road. I call the stock one the Judo Master.

    I have tusk 1" bar riser extenders and find even an inch can make a huge difference in comfort. Any more then two inches and you're into some issues with cables etc.

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