New to the TW200, Old to bikes
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Thread: New to the TW200, Old to bikes

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    New to the TW200, Old to bikes

    So I’ve been lurking a while after getting my first TW200 just over a month from a local dealer who had just one 2018 on the floor. The appealing sand-beige color scheme sealed the deal.

    I’ve been riding and wrenching motorbikes for nigh on 50 years after learning the craft on quaint British marques that always needed some attention. Now experience coupled with old age has taught me the value of light and reliable qualities for downsizing.

    Along the way I was distracted by Yamaha’s SR400 in a fit of nostalgia for my old SR500 and love of single-cylinder thumpers in general. It would have been a keeper except kickstarting became too painful for this elderly gent with bad knees.

    The Suzuki TU250X fit the bill nicely until we relocated and a locomotive like the SCR950 became more practical and safe jostling around trucks on the freeway. V-twin torque to the rescue! Sure enough, I soon missed the convenience of a light bike to zip to the local store without wrestling a 500 pound+ behemoth around the parking lot.

    The TW200 (should I call it T-dub?) appeared on my radar screen like magic when I was restocking my oil stash at the dealers and it checked all the right boxes to complement the big SCR950. Fortunately I had a trailer to bring the TW home without having to stress the new engine.

    Yes, break in is a chore being limited to 35 mph on backroads and the first thing I did was fit a 15-T countershaft sprocket for a little more zip. Then the TW hummed along happily until an alarming clatter appeared after 200 miles during the first cold start in the morning.

    It was obviously a loose cam chain and the automatic tensioner had yet to ratchet to the next notch to take up slack from initial break in. I decided to record the abnormal noise as evidence for a warranty claim in case it was a bad tensioner but then the cold-start clatter disappeared, just like that.

    Now the only noise is some mild valve tapping that I’ll attend to at the upcoming 600-mile service. Meanwhile I just did the first oil change early to clear out break-in swarf and was surprised to find the fine mesh filter is reusable after cleaning - a nice touch.

    The owner’s manual recommends a 20W-40 oil that has become obsolete so I went with 10W-40. I’ll say no more for fear of starting the inevitable oil thread that recycles questionable internet lore in most forums I have browsed over the years.

    So, time to close this rambling introduction with an observation on the factory service manual. I always get the FSM as an essential reference tool but Yamaha’s latest TW200 version is not the best in my opinion. It has a confusing layout and poor pictures cobbled together from earlier years. Here’s hoping the legendary reliability holds up so I don’t have to venture beyond routine maintenance!

    Cheers, TC
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    Welcome to the forum!!
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    Welcome aboard !!
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    Welcome! And thanks for the great introduction! Adventure awaits.
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    John in Nanaimo

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    Welcome to the group! Congrats on the new looks great!
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    Welcome the 2018 color is a favorite of mine.
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    Welcome to the forum.
    All you need to do now is update your profile so we know where you are from and to allow other forum members the chance to ride with you.
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    Time to start farkling. Enjoy!!
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