Finally left the neighborhood
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Thread: Finally left the neighborhood

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    Junior Member n9iui's Avatar
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    Finally left the neighborhood

    Well, I finally rode out of my neighborhood on Friday, after work.
    I’d been waiting for licensing and insurance.
    It was in the 40’s and not really warm enough but I was only going down the street to the drug store.
    The ride made me wonder two things:
    “What’s first gear for?”, and “where’s sixth gear?”
    I think I may be looking for some gear changes.
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    Senior Member Gulfrider's Avatar
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    Florida Panhandle
    Quite few people here changed the rear sprocket to a 47 and helps a little. Myself included. That low gear in first will help off road tho. You can modify the engine to accept a 6th gear but requires a lot.... of work and $$.
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    Senior Member Peterb's Avatar
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    North Bay, Ontario, Canada
    I went to a 47 then a week later a 45. Works for me even off-road but I guess it depends on how you ride, weight etc.
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    Senior Member Lyterx's Avatar
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    Jun 2014
    Etters, Pa
    I have been using a 45 as well. It works well for all of my riding on and off road.
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    Senior Member Fred's Avatar
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    Naptown has kind of flat terrain flat for first gear with stock sprockets. A low first gear really only comes into it's own in steeper country. So go ahead and try a smaller rear sprocket to increase overall gearing.
    Now go ride some more and have fun before things get frozen again.
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    Senior Member plumbstraight's Avatar
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    For chain and sprocket longevity go to a 15 front sprocket.
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    Junior Member Joe Weaver's Avatar
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    Charlotte NC
    Yep, I was wondering the same thing when I first rode this bike. I went to a 45 on the back and it works great for me. First is usable and now I spend most my time in 4th gear at ~50mph on country roads.
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    Senior Member putt-putt's Avatar
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    I went with the 14/47 and have no regrets. I figure that if I need those three teeth in order to climb up the hill......I'll just find a smaller hill.....
    First still sucks a wee bit but I find it much improved from stock.......for an old fart riding style....
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    Senior Member PlacerLode's Avatar
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    Out West
    I run PBI 16 tooth front all gear changes I'll ever need on a TW can be accomplished up front with a range from 11 tooth to 16 just look at any sprocket chart and tell me what you can't do and you can run the OEM chain length

    Running that 16 up front was tough at MOAB on the rock shelf steps but still made it

    I'd go back to 15 or 14 for Utah when I go there again
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