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    I took my 95 TW around to the most seasoned bike mechanic in town since it's not charging and unlike my old Honda, cannot run with a flat battery. He was likely to have used parts and knows these bikes backwards. He said many farmers prefer simpler technology like the XR 200 since if you leave the TW standing for a time it won't start. He has just bought himself a brand new Honda CRF250l. It costs the same as a TW but has twice as much power and is a true Dual Sport. I have an 87 XL250R which is said to be the first true dual sport. If you read the review, apart from water cooled, fuel injected, etc the bottom line is that economically (cost and consumption) it is the same as the TW - at least here and as Andy said what would you buy? Having got an expensive problem with my old bike, new is looking attractive and Honda are doing their best to make it so.

    At $4499 MSRP the 250L is a great value. Payments, if financed, would be less than $100 a month. The miserly 250L gets 73mpg and doesn’t need high octane gas. While this bike won’t come close to beating a KTM or even a CRF250X in the dirt it is a great bike for someone looking for inexpensive transportation and a bit of off-road fun on the weekend.

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    If I had to choose b/w the TW and the CRF250L, and they were within a few hundred dollars in price, I would go with the crf. However, the reason many choose the TW is because it is low to the ground and unique looking. TWs are interesting looking bikes and have good manners on/off road. The TW is non-intimidating even for new riders. The CRF (I haven't looked up the seat height) will be taller, faster and have more power. All of these are great things for more experienced riders but mean nothing to a new rider. The TW is not pretentious and does just what it was designed to do. It has its limitations and its strengths and has to be ridden with those in mind. I like the feel of dirt bikes because I grew up riding MX bikes and trail bikes. The TW is a different style of bike than what I'm used to but it is fun in its own way. It's more mellow and laid back.

    I like them both but if they were offered to me I would pick the Honda just because I like to rip around the trails and enjoy the taller stance both on and off road.

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    Even not running, your TW will fetch more money than a pristine CRF will fetch when it's 20 years old.... The TW fills a special nitch that no other motorcycle matches. The TW is the little bike that can! It can do anything, just not fast... It's a jack of all terrains, master of none! Depending on your riding, the CRF may indeed be a way better motorcycle. That is a decision only you can make. You will get very biased info here We love the TW for the little freak that it is!

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    I love the 230l and would buy one right after I bought a TW.

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    I sold my tw and bought a wr250r. after installing a lowering link (Yamalink $149) and dropping the factory adjustment i now have an acceptable seat height and can put both feet on the ground. i'm 5'9". The wr is about 30 lbs lighter that the honda and has way better suspension. The seat is good, power is better than the honda. although is costs a little more it is way more bike for the money. suspension and handeling is very simular to my 400exc ktm. 3000 mile oil changes and 25000 valve adjust intervals is good too. the reviews i read on the honda say it's a lot like the old xr250l, smooth powerband and a bit heavy. i find it hard to believe that you can't make your tw charge for less than a couple hundred bucks though. somebody on here has parts to fix it for cheap.... just ask..... woof
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    I am really hoping carmwes will see this and chime in. He sold his Tdub and bought a CRF250L.

    I would really, really like to hear his comparison of the two bikes.

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    A couple of hundred bucks to fix your TW is way better than $5k for a new bike. The economy is in the toilet. Do you really want to strap on a sizable loan right now?

    Ride on.

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    My cousin and I just had this same discussion. We were both looking for new dual sport bikes, as we used to ride together on our DR650 and XR650L. When we saw the CRF250L was released in Japan we were both eager to try it out. Once the CRF250L became available in the states my cousin went to test drive one and he liked it well enough to buy it. When he got it home I was waiting for him and I took it out for a test ride. I was not impressed at all. The power delivery was weak, it's geared way too high for a 6 speed, it has all the modern emissions crap, the muffler is massive, it's too heavy for what it is, and the whole bike feels incredibly choked up. So after deciding this wasn't the bike for me I decided to buy my long sought after TW-200. I realize that all of my compliant's about the CRF250L can be changed, I wasn't willing to invest that much in an EFI CPU, exhaust, block off kits, final drive, etc.

    We bought the bikes within a week of each other. On my TW200 I've rebuilt the carb with larger jets and needle shims, purchased a rack, windshield, oring chain, and made a few minor modifications. I'm in about $200 with modifications and I couldn't be happier. The little TW runs awesome, goes anywhere, has just as much useable power as the choked up stock CRF, and you get looks at every light.

    The TW can be serviced trail-side with basic tools. Parts are easily found. There are tons of mods and years of experience behind them.

    While I think if you're willing to invest the extra money into the CRF it would be a great bike, the TW is great with a simple carb mod.

    Fix your bike, get some new plastics for that new bike look, and ride on.
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    My 94 runs just fine with a dead battery. I am glad I have a kicker. I have ran it for about 3 months without putting a new one in it. That just does not sound right.
    You never know what you can do until you have to undo something you have done.

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    I have a 93 with no battery and it runs fine without it.there's a problem that shouldn't be that hard to fix.

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