Smallest vehicle for transporting my TW200?
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Thread: Smallest vehicle for transporting my TW200?

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    Smallest vehicle for transporting my TW200?

    I currently use my TW200 as my main/only vehicle.

    I would like to buy a car or truck, but I have very basic needs and mainly only care about MPG.

    What is the smallest or lightest (or best MPG) vehicle that I can realistically use to transport my TW200?

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    With a small trailer, almost any small car, SUV, or truck can transport a TW with ease. Most modern small cars have a 1000 pound tow capacity, which can easily pull a 400 pound trailer hauling a 300 pound TW.

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    And welcome to the forum.
    One member here tows a trailer/TW using his Prius.

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    Compact pickup with standard bed requires tailgate off unless you angle it. I have a strong, lightweight, trifold aluminum ramp that I use to walk the bike up under power. Or get a small trailer and you can mount a hitch to almost anything. My wife really likes the pickup for her gardening needs.
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    I know the answer. If you can't/don't want to actually own a small trailer because of space/storage, then a small pickup or small SUV is the choice.

    Your ideal vehicle will be a pickup truck, or, a 2 inch hitch receiver with a minimum 300 pound tongue weight rating - 500 would be better.

    So beyond the realm of light duty inexpensive rear wheel drive pickups (which are rare), you will be looking for a small SUV or crossover that actually has a towing capability (or you won't be able to get a receiver for it). Not all small SUV's have a towing capacity, and some that CAN tow only have a 1-1/4 inch receiver (NO GOOD for a motorcycle carrier).

    Look for good fuel economy, but look for the towing capacity of 3500 pounds+, because that will usually mean a 2 inch receiver and a tongue rating over 300 pounds.

    New or used??? Depends on your income/wants/needs.

    You will need to find that happy crossing point of fuel economy and tongue weight, or the cheap pickup truck.

    Some Toyota Highlanders have a 5000 pound capacity. That's adequate for a motorcycle carrier.
    Hyundai Santa Fe - 2 inch receiver option, not sure of tow ratings but a 2 inch receiver will usually have a 300 minimum weight rating
    Subaru's have no tow capacity, bad choice for towing.
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    I plan to have a trailer hitch on my TW within the next 2 months. I have 2 aluminum 2 x 4 channels I plan to make a trailer out of to pull behind it. I think this is getting almost as small as you can go unliess u drop to something with about 50cc's. I will share pictures when completed. Just recieved a tubing bender yesterday. Have not unpacked it yet because we are working at moms. Now the teachers are going out on strike and I will also be watching the kids. Ect ect ect but the hitch will happen and the trailer will happen.
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    This is probably one of the cheap ways to do it. I dont know if I'd want to use one but it probably is a minimal way to get it done so you could use any number of vehicles. Many smaller vehicles have a 1000 tow limit. As I understand it the issue with these types of carriers is that the bike doesn't stay upright when turning during normal riding yet the carrier wants to hold it upright. Be sure the front wheel is very secure in the holder.

    Motorcycle Tow Caddy|
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    Check out and find a car that you can mount the appropriate hitch to.
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    A possible worry with the caddy type carriers may be something that has been brought up here in the past.

    It has been said that the transmission area of the TW - ONLY gets lubrication when the engine is "running".
    So the back wheel is turning the chain which then turns the output shaft and whatever else with no lubrication.

    Removing the chain while towing would solve this.

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