I call her " Tulane "..new member Long Island, New York
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Thread: I call her " Tulane "..new member Long Island, New York

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    I call her " Tulane "..new member Long Island, New York

    After a month in Maine last summer camping, canoeing, biking and hiking my wife and I saw all the ATV action and were jealous. I used to ride the road with Honda and Harleys " back in the day" but there are way too many dangerous people on the road here to bike safely.
    My wife suggested I check out the TWs. She has always wanted a motorcycle and here was one we could cruise the miles of dirt roads and trails in Maine and elsewhere. What is killing me is to have these 2 bikes in the shed...and not one place on this Island to ride on dirt ! Envy those that can hit a trail a short distance from home.
    Using Craigslist we found her a 2016, female owned with 106 miles. All stock in perfect condition.
    I got myself a 2009 TW with almost 6,000 miles. I started pulling it apart the day I got it home. Following all the great advice found on this forum this is Tulane so far.
    I got the name Tulane from a Chuck Berry song.
    I wanted a forest themed color on my bike and used my canoe as inspiration
    Wider pegs, round headlight, LED running lights, exhaust wrap, Shinko 241.....more to come

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    Nice one....I always thought more dirt bikes should be green or brown. I like the lights. Was considering the same set up.

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    Excellent color choice I like it!!!
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    Welcome I like the color,and you have a nice set up going.
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    Thanks for the replies..Glad some like the color. At first went with satin black with a darker green accents..looked too military for me, so sanded it all down again and went with the Rustoleim Forest Green rattle cans. Adding a decal to the tank soon to complete the forest theme.
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    Congrats on the new Tulane!
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    Noice! I like the headlight. By the way, whats an exhaust wrap?

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    Quote Originally Posted by brewhaha View Post
    Noice! I like the headlight. By the way, whats an exhaust wrap?
    Exhaust wrap is a heat proof fiber that comes in many colors to wrap exhaust pipe. Bought on Ebay.
    I always liked the looks of Ratrod bikes and old-school bobbers. They often use exhaust wrap...so just had to add some to my bike. Love the look, don't think it adds any mechanical advantage.
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