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    Well looking for another dual sport for the wife. She once had a xt225 sold it because she didnt like the gravel part of riding , now the daughter is starting to ride so she wants another small dual sport for them to share. I have never had a tw and dont know anyone that has either. They interested me for quite sometime but I have some questions on how they handle on loose gravel and on the road. It would be the daughters first bike to ride on road but my wife has a few years experiance. Looking for some input from ppl with the tw experiance.

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    I am a relatively new TW owner myself but have rode a skinny tire Enduro all summer. I am 2 miles off pavement on gravel at my place. Any bike feels "loose" on the gravel road. The TW handles it better than my other bike however. Not a big deal once you figure out that you give the bike its nose so to speak. Don't fight the bike each time it slides a bit. Easier said than done. I'd recommend the TW over a standard narrow tire enduro. Only my opinion. Take it for what its worth! Don't plan on setting any speed records with the TW however!

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    The TW will handle most any surface well, and handle well doing it. The thing about gravel; is for her to try and relax while on it. You gotta stay loose, ready to tap a foot down, and you gotta keep your weight forward. At faster speeds on gravel; she needs to get her head out over the headlight(still sitting) and keep as much weight down low at the center of gravity in any turn. Keep the front wheel heading where she wants to go, and let the rear sort of have its way; mainly controlling it with the throttle. Motorcycles want to stay up, and the rear end wants to stay with the front end. At speed; it'll do that with or without the rider. Don't be watching the front tire; keep looking ahead. Does all that make sense? Practice, practice. This is all really basic stuff. The TW is a very capeable ride, and will go just about anyplace you've got the guts to go.

    Just my opinion.

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    I have several years experiance riding skinny tire dual sports and gravel just comes second nature to me but her not so much . She really liked her xt except for the gravel so I thought maybe the fat tire tw would help that.

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    The stock front tire on the TW is notoriously bad for gravel. There is much information available on this forum regarding other, preferred front tire choices. I chose the Shinko Golden Boy and although it is much better than the stock tire, gravel still scares the crap out of me. Reducing tire pressure also has a big impact.

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