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    I placed the order for 80 shirts with my production outfit this morning. (Way to go gang...this is not quite double the last order!) If you missed out, I have added a few extra shirts in the most common sizes/colors/style, but this is not a large amount. We'll discuss taking care of the "stragglers" in a couple of weeks once I get the orders shipped to those who've already paid.

    I appreciate your patience and based on the feedback from the first time we did this, know you're gonna love 'em. Drop me a line if you have any questions. I will keep you posted when I have them and when they ship out to all of you.

    Again... THANK YOU and Happy T'Dubbin!

    ...and a note to the Admins... you can "UnPin" the topics related to shirt orders now. Thanks...

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    I'd be one of those stragglers you spoke of...If I can get in, I'd like one...
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    I think I speak for all of us. Thank You for doing this, twice! I know it is a bunch of work and we appreciate it.
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    What diver said THANK YOU!

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    I agree, I know how much work can go into this. I cant wait ti get them.....

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