missing throttle return cable
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    had a cable totally disappear! neither hide nor hair of it!

    the entire throttle return inner has gone. even the grommet that fits on the throttle tube... How did that escape?

    has this happened to anyone else??

    wondering if my wife, who can be a little hot headed sometimes, has upset someone! she parks near a bunch of mechanics shop near her gym and 3 days in a row she had a cigarette burn on her seat!!!! Now her bike has an entire missing cable?

    actually Hong Kong is usually a very safe place, with little confrontational violence or vandalism. Hong Kong is the sort of place that you can leave your keys in the ignition and when you come back they will still be there!! But people do bear grudges!

    hope I'm just being paranoid?!!!
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    I would say that someone has definitely stepped over the line. Put one of those little motion activated mini cameras on it. You can get them for something like $15.00. Probably less since a good number of them are made right there in your home town. Then take it to the police.

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