True love on 2 wheels
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Thread: True love on 2 wheels

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    True love on 2 wheels

    Hello All,
    Thought I would start a thread to say hello, introduce myself to this awesome community, and lay out some plans for my new love!

    My name is Bill (though some call me Arthur, William, Billy, or asshole), you can call me whatever you like as long as you do it with a smile.
    I'm a mechanic by trade, and I work for the local Audi dealership out here on the left coast.
    I spend more time tinkering that I do riding, if I'm honest, but I have been riding for about 25 years now and, at 39 (next weekend), I'm starting to slow down a bit. Just sold off the FJ-09 and the WR250R, and looking for something a little more fun.. and a little less dangerous..

    Want something to take down the fire roads too.. This Z125pro is a hoot, but it just doesnt quite cut it for mud...

    I've had a fair assortment of bikes over the years, but Yamaha has always held a special place in my heart. My first 2 bikes being a 1974 TY250 and a 1987 XT350.
    The TY has always been my favorite bike, and I'm still kicking myself for letting it go 3 years ago when I got divorced.
    They are starting to get pretty hard to find, though, and really they are absolutely useless for getting from trail to trail out here in California. (It wasnt so bad back in Colorado, but the area where I am now I get blown off the road if I'm doing less than 55)
    I've followed the TW for a fair while, always enjoyed seeing the giant balloon tires and the smiles from the people who were riding them.
    That coupled with this community, yeah I've been lurking on these pages since the old site was still the only site, made me want to jump on it.

    I was a little disheartened when I saw how much these were going for used in this state. I could have bought another used WR250R for what all the ones I found were going for, and that made me think that the TW might be a bit of a bad idea...
    Still, I figured I wouldn't find a good deal by sitting around on my thumbs.. so I contacted almost every TW I found on Craigslist within 400 miles, and about a half dozen dealers.
    It didn't take me long to rule out the dealers. There was one down in San Diego that sounded like they were willing to take a little bit of a loss on a 2017 they had sitting for too long, but in the end I couldnt justify buying new when I hear so much good about this bikes reliability, and the aftermarket support being what it is. I figured I'd rather buy something beat and rebuild it.. Still couldn't find anything below 1900, and that one looked like the 20yr old bike it was..

    Then I found something promising. An obviously modified bike that looked like it had been sitting for quite a while for 3500. I'll be honest, it was ugly as sin to me. The colors his wife had picked out for "her" TW made me want to cringe.. and the little japanese stickers she put all over it were cracking me up too.
    I contacted the seller to see how green he was, or if he truly believed that respraying a bike and adding a pipe made it worth 1k over fair market value (national market, anyway...)


    The seller was VERY cool, and after chatting with him and pointing out that I was only looking to spend 2500 (at most) for a used TW, we made a plan to meet.
    I was fully expecting to have to negotiate and that he would be looking for at least 3k before he would sign it over. I wont lie, I was a bit conflicted. I REALLY liked the seller and what he had to say about the bike, but I REALLY didnt want to pay more than 2500. In the end, the seller was even cooler in person. A mechanic and rider who works for MOTOid in Santa Monica. He has too many expensive toys, and not enough time to enjoy them, so he just decided to short sell it to me for 2500 cash. (thanks Andrea!)

    So I brought her home last weekend and, after riding her around a little bit, immediately tore into her to start making her mine.

    What do you know?! There was a nice looking 2014 under there, with only 450 miles!

    Original battery was DOA, so I poached the lifepo4 battery from my silly 206cc Honda Ruckus.. Added a set of handguards and some castiron ebay pegs, but most importantly that seat and plastidip had to GO!


    That's how she sits right now.. but there is a small mountain of parts sitting next to the door and more on the way..
    To Do this weekend;
    re-jet and adjust carb
    Headlight and front signals
    Oil Cooler
    Re-pack FMF exhaust to try and quiet it down
    Front rotor and stainless brake line
    Rear TTR brake cam arm

    Next weekend;
    Shinko SR244
    high mount front fender
    Clarke xt225 tank

    The following 2 weekends;
    Front fork rebuild and rear spring

    After that, my brother and I are taking the bikes up to the Mosko Moto rally in Fields Oregon in early June. So excited for this ride. I missed out last year, and my brothers pictures have me drooling.

    So, one last thing.. as I said, I like to tinker.. and though I dont like modifying things much anymore, I still get the urge to make the most out of any vehicle I

    I bought a 92 XT225 motor the other day, with a pumper carb setup and a tw output shaft. Gonna send the shaft out to Derek at Motolab who said he would machine it for the 6 speed conversion.
    Not sure if I'll stay 225, or attempt to overbore to 250... the goal, though, is to have a turnkey engine/carb assembly that I can just completely swap out with the stock stuff, so I have a 100% reliable backup in case (for when) the modded motor goes south..

    That's all for now folks, gotta get outside and start wiring up that headlight before I lose all my light.. Wish me luck!
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    Welcome to the forum, good luck with the bike. You'll have a blast. They are a hobby in themselves.
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    Welcome. And happy early birthday. Did you get a title with that bike? Congrats!!!
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    Wonderful introduction. Welcome aboard. Always nice to have one more asshole around here.

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    Welcome from Bel Air MD. Shinko 244ís look cool but they suck. Get the 241
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    Welcome. It sounds like you're already enjoying the bike.
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    i liked my 244, but they've fallen out of favor. i have a 241 now, and it's ok, but it just doesn't feel as stable to me as the 244 was. i'd like to try them side by side.

    i have a ttr226 (one overbore was already done when i bought the motor) and it is a great mod.

    enjoy your bike!
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    Hey thank you everybody!
    Yeah, I did get a title. Transfer was done at AAA, which is the best way to deal with vehicle transfer that I have found
    Iím so glad you guys called me out on the 244. I had been wanting the 241, because it looked just like the factory tire on my TY and Iím hoping to eventually paint the TW in tribute, but decided to go with the 244 after seeing so many posts about people running them. Iíll call up procycle tomorrow and get that coming, hopefully returning the 244 wonít be a big hassle since itís never been ridden.

    Got the headlight mostly done, but pictures will have to wait till tomorrow. Need to find a small box to install behind he light to hold all the wiring. The super Moto plate the previous owner had on there was hiding a serious rats nest.. I donít mind the Chinese led projector, but the wiring needs to be weatherproofed, and hiding it away would be nice too.

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    Good to see your 244 / 241 comment. Been using the 244 on DS bikes so naturally that's what I put on my current TW. All the drama on the Forum had me wondering if it should have been at 241. Hearing you say it isn't as stable convinces me to stay with the Golden Boy. Thanks!

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    Now Hidden Content on my 2nd TW - 2002 TW200 33k miles - 130 main 34 pilot - 244 Golden Boy Front - 34 BS rear - ATV Bar - New Rally Perches, Master Cylinder, and levers. This one may take a bit to whip into shape but we'll get there!

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    I ran the Shinko SR244 5.10 x 18 for somewhere between 3 and 4,000 miles. I was never very impressed with it, and in fact it washed out on me more than the stock Death Wing ever did.

    One ride with the Shinko SR241 4.00 x 18 and I'll never go back. It is noticeably more planted and much more confidence inspiring - no more white knuckles on gravel and the loose stuff.

    Anyone willing to trade one SR241 for two SR244 Golden Boys?

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