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    Early in 2011 there was talk about a recall for the rear shock of the pre 2000 models, if I remember well that was in Canada and maybe Australia.

    About a week ago I heard from a friend that he got a letter from the Yamaha importer, with a notice that he could come over to change his rear shock for the new model TW shock.

    So this week I phoned the importer to ask about my shock and he promised to check it out if I send him by fax a copy of the license of the TW. And surprise, he called back the next day and told me that he had a new shock for me, when would it be convenient for me to come over and get it mounted?

    So I went over to the main workshop the next day, within an hour I got the bike back with the new shock mounted and my 2008 R6 shock in a box on the back seat, and no charge.

    Now, I did not really need this shock, I was perfectly happy with the R6 shock in there.

    But if Yamaha is handing out a free shock, it would not hurt to go over there and get it.

    It is always good to have another possibility and it would not be polite to refuse a free gift.

    Also it was an incredible experience to get it changed under warranty on a 16 year old motorcycle.

    Although I heard about it that there was a recall on the shocks in other country’s, I had to see it for myself to believe it. It is nice that Yamaha takes responsibility, even after so many years.

    Still when riding home I was in shock that this really happened.

    I will ride with it for a few days and then decide to return the R6 shock or not.

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    It seems to me that if Yamaha is having recalls in other countries they are acknowledging there is a problem. Our turn should be pretty soon -- I hope.
    Long live the internal combustion engine!

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