This is the Versahaul "Sport bike" model it's very similar to the RO-55 standard version but they rate the Sport for 600lbs instead of 500lbs on the standard model but I can't see any difference in the materials

This deck is aprx 1" wider and a few inches longer and the loading ramp is about a foot longer than the standard model

I also drilled 4 extra 5/8" holes in my 2" receiver to attach more ratchet straps in the center area

I have multi tens of thousands of miles hauling TW's and towing a Kendon ATV trailer behind this with 3 or more TW's or ROKON's

Watch CL they both come up at about the same price as the standard model I target $150 for the Sport models and I flip any that I don't use

I also added LED lights to be Cali legal plus I do like the extra lighting down low I think it helps people in traffic see your turning or changing lanes - of course you never use signals in Cali or people will race to cut you off like savages lol - No Lie !!!