Best cleaner for mud?
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Thread: Best cleaner for mud?

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    Best cleaner for mud?

    I know some don't care, but some probably do.

    I generally try to keep them the bikes clean enough that they don't rust. Mud holds water and that equals rust. For me it's easy, It's generally a quick hose down and silicone spray on unpainted parts like the kick, shifter and clutch shafts after riding in the pines. It's clean sand mostly and where there is mud it washes off pretty easy. Not so much with the West Virginia Mud!

    I washed my 2010 3 times today and it still dries to a mud colored coating the same as the new 2018 TW200, granted I like that color but not enough to ride a foe 2018.

    Does anybody have this kind of mud? What do you use if you care enough to ride a clean bike generally?
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    A hose won't do it. I'd use a bucket of clean (no soap) water after the hose. A simple cloth wipe, rinse in bucket but ring the dirty water outside the bucket. I've washed many nice cars with nothing but clean water, clean clothes, and a towel wipedown. Its the thin film of dirt left after the hose that offends you. I agree, dried mud equals rust, but not in New Mexico because we rarely have mud. . . . but when we do I wash and wipe it off. Stay on it.
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    Dawn dish soap in warm water, your favorite rag or sponge, and a tooth brush for the nooks and crannies. A pressure washer is also helpful, be careful of the chain and bearings, it will force the water into these and you'll have an early failure.
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    Water and time. Avoid too much soap and too much pressure. If your bike is crazy muddy (i.e. caked), park it on the lawn or wherever and put a sprinkler under it. Leave it on for half an hour, then move the sprinkler around to get the spots that didn't get clean, repeat this until most of the big chunks of mud fall off. When it's no longer caked grab a brush and some soapy water and go to work. Oil your chain afterward and park it somewhere where it will dry off.

    Also, remember that it looks better with a little dirt in the crevices anyway. You want people who see it to be jealous of the good time you had, not impressed by the fact that your bike is showroom floor shiny.
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    Quote Originally Posted by scotti158 View Post
    Dawn dish soap in warm water, your favorite rag or sponge, and a tooth brush for the nooks and crannies. A pressure washer is also helpful, be careful of the chain and bearings, it will force the water into these and you'll have an early failure.
    Come on now Scotti. Have you really cleaned your bike with a toothbrush. I call BS. Lol

    WV dirt is good luck
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    Quote Originally Posted by TopPredator View Post
    Come on now Scotti. Have you really cleaned your bike with a toothbrush. ..
    Well, I have! Just the chain though.
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    I use this product/degreaser...

    Dilute it 50% with water unless you are degreasing an engine block or something really built up. Dirt, mud, grease, oil just runs off and follow up with garden hose to spray off in a minute or two. Incredibly good cleaner! You can buy it in a small size to try out if you want but the big jug is so much value. All we use at home now as well only i dilute it even more for inside house.
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    I use 50% castrol purple and pressure washer on the mud wet the surfaces first with water then spray the purple and pressure wash off asap the red mud might take several shots then I final hand wash with wash mit and dish soap and final de-ionized water now that I'm in a hard water area

    I use front triple tree stand and rear axle stand so I can free spin the wheels with the hose
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    I use tooth brushes and mrs putt-putt's cotton tips on sticks for the hard to get to places......... (Admiral approved)
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