Got her running !
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    Owned my bike for a few weeks now and am just now getting to ride it. When i first got it

    i drove it to my truck and loaded it up and brought her home and started cleaning it. While

    cleaning it i moved the air box a little and noticed the intake joint rotted in half. I knew what

    that meant. So i came in and ordered one and while i waited i have just been cleaning it and

    looking at it like a little kid that found there christmas gift and couldn't play with it LOL.

    Part came in yesterday and i finally got to reassemble it and ride for a few mins. I just went

    on a trip around town and she's running good. Still a little cool out and i don't have any gloves

    yet but i still enjoyed every minute of it. I am going to love this tw200. Just wanted to share.

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    You're gonna love it. Your due diligence will pay off. Good maintainance is the key to any motor vehicle.

    Ride on Daddy-O.

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    The TW is a blast isn't it. I took mine out for a spin yesterday. 55 degrees so it was a nice day for a ride. Made me want to point the bike down the road and keep going!

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    Great beginning! We can't wait to hear how you fix it up to suit you!!! Congrats!

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    Going to look at one tomorrow!

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