Bugs, birds,??? what have you caught/eaten while riding?
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Thread: Bugs, birds,??? what have you caught/eaten while riding?

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    Bugs, birds,??? what have you caught/eaten while riding?

    Anyone who's spent time on a motorcycle knows that YOU FACE EVERYTHING HEAD-ON.
    I was lucky enough to have been brought up with motorcycles, riding almost everything out there and many different venue's.
    Got my first bike in 1965, as a desert rider I went to the school of hard knocks, crash and burn, get up and do it again curriculum.
    Once in a flat-track race in Winchester Virginia, I dropped the face shield on my BELL Star helmet moments after the white flag went down only to realize I wasn't alone.
    As I raced for the first turn trying to beat out the other competitors something wasn't quite right, somehow I had a buzzing in the very confined space between my eye's, nose and ears that was not only not normal, it scared the living shit out me!
    A heat of 250cc motorcycles all trying to get too and navigate a hard turn off a straight away, down shifting and braking as fast as you can, while keeping anyone from getting in under or over you is a little hectic, you know your line, you have every bit of emotion and raw nerv focused on that first corner, it sounds like a swarm of bee's behind you, each weighing over 250 lb's. Every one off them wanting to get where you are ahead of you, as many races are won there.
    This isn't going to be a hero's tale.
    Even though my start was great and I went into the first turn leading the pack, my un-invited guest made focussing on the race impossible.
    The result was I blew threw the corner into the hay bales jumped off the bike while running screaming and trying to get the helmet strap un-done, nor my family, support or the crowd could understand my celebratory dance at the first corner when the race had only just begun.
    Turns out a yellow jacket and I were to become intimate in those few seconds, though not stung, that memory, even now 45 years later has left its mark on me.

    I'm sure many you have experienced now comical tales of uninvited guests that you could share. Please do!
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    Red tail hawk in the radiator of my k1600. Though it was dead so I stopped to extract the carcass and it revived and flew off...go figure!

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    Nothing major here although I did get a small bird in the chest. Saw it coming and thought it was really going to sting, felt like getting hit with a marshmallow. Even left some crap all over my jacket.
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    I am hardly the first to take a yellow jacket in an open collar at speed. A battle then ensues to quickly smash the bugger before he stings your neck or chest repeatedly.
    Innocent bugs caught inside goggles or ears somehow don't seem so innocent when one is focusing on not wiping out. Hardly the first for that either.

    Took a spread eagle bat almost dead center on my BMW sedan's grill emblem in the pre-dawn hours racing along the north shore of the Columbia River once. By the time I noticed him he was pretty well dried out and glued down, became my new BMW emblem for while. Cars don't count though, right?
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    Yesterday, I raised my visor slightly as I was slowing down and caught a yellow bug on the corner of the visor resulting in its gut being spewed all over my face.
    I have had the bee in the helmet resulting in a lane departure on a nasty curve. I have also had a bee get in my mouth and sting my lower lip - I now keep my mouth closed.
    Lately we (Linda and I) have been hit by a number of very large black flies and they hurt. The windscreen normally deflects the bugs up and over us, but these things are like bullets.
    I keep wondering why so many people ride with no face shield or wind screen.

    When Linda did her first long ride with me she got nailed on here sunglasses by some monstrous bug as she had bug guts all over her glasses and through her hair. I thought that was going to be the end of her riding days, but she now rides with a face shield.
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    Just tonight I got a bug in the ear, pelted by bugs and lost half the nights video do to my go pro being covered with bug juice.. this time of year is a love hate relationship.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Old n dirty View Post
    ...Turns out the a yellow jacket and I were to become intimate in those few seconds, though not stung, that memory, even now 45 years later has left its mark on me.....
    Well, the @&$)$)%@*&*@ yellow jacket that I got intimate with in 1970 sure as hell stung me!!

    I was riding up Gold Camp Road from Colorado Springs on a Yamaha Enduro 175 at around 35 mph, with my old Bausch and Lomb Aviator sunglasses that had the little 1/4 inch round reinforcement over the nose:

    That [email protected]&$(@(&* yellow jacket somehow turned his ass backward and nailed me right in that tiny little space. I pulled to a stop and within two minutes both of my eyes swelled mostly shut. I had to wait an hour before I could see well enough to ride the rest of the way to Cripple Creek.

    I just HATE yellow jackets!
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    Oh, here's another one: Back in 1969, I had a BSA Royal Star 650 and I was up in Aspen, CO, returning to Colorado Springs over Independence Pass and I was wearing some lined calf high boots with a back zipper, which had come apart, leaving a two inch gap between the zipper and the leather on one heel. About halfway up the pass another !&$()#@)@) yellow jacket somehow found its way into that gap and stung the hell out of me! I burned rubber in a panic stop and danced off that bike swearing a blue streak, ripping that boot off without even bothering to undo the zipper. The tourists gave me a wide berth....

    Did I mention I HATE yellow jackets?
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    I been smacked so many times, even with a full face helmet. On a trip to NS one year, we were out riding and I was going downhill in a right turn when a wasp got inside my helmet..fun. I also smacked what I think was a pheasant with my BMW, caught the left cylinder.
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    I was on a YZ125 and my BIL was on his Bultaco 360 Purasng blipping along on a back woods dirt road. It was grass field on our left and woods on the right and he came past me on the left and I noticed a deer in the field. He didn't see it and the deer could have ran across the road behind us as we passed but it started running parallel to us and blasted out in front of him. it all seemed to go into slow motion as his front tire tried to climb the side of the deer. The bike jumped up in the air and started to go down to the left, as it hit the ground the clutch lever smashed his hand and his left arm went down and road rashed him to his shoulder. The fork stop broke off and the tube came around and punctured the tank and the deer was dead on the other side of the road. Of course we were wearing fools gear at that age.

    I hauled arse back to our camp and stuffed everything in the trunk of my Plymouth Duster and hooked up the trailer. I was taking him to the closest hospital but he refused and said to drive 250 miles home! When we got home his wife made him go to the hospital and he also had fractured ribs and was pissed at me. I still ride cautiously in wooded areas during the evening when it cools off and have had deer coming blasting across the trail feet in front of me. They are extremely unpredictable. They will stand 6 ft from the edge of the highway as a car goes by at 60 mph or run from 300 feet away to get in front of you. I hit a deer with a small car. I caught it in the right chest with the drivers corner and flung him around so hard that one of his rear hooves punched a moon shaped hole in the drivers door about 3 inches below the window. I used needle nose pliers to twist off the radiator cores tubes and added water and never did replace it just added some rabbit turd stop leak. We gutted the deer with my kids dull swiss army knife and a hacksaw blade.
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