Where to buy Accessories for a TW
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    I would like to get some hand guards and a windshield for my wife's TW (2011 model). I'm confused by all the different, so called, universal, stuff at the various internet motorcycle parts stores. I need a bit of help to figure out which handguards and windshield can be easily fit to the TW and are reasonably priced. I only want the handguards to knock down the breeze for winter riding so I don't really need a super strong (and expensive) Moto-X guard.

    Someplace I saw a windshield that looked really good on a TW, it was more rectangular as opposed to triangular and also seemed to fit well around the top of the headlight, but I didn't catch the brand name.

    Any sugestions on what handguards and windshield has worked for you, and where you got it would be very helpfull.



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    I take it you want to go cheaper, but the cycra handguards from procycle are nice. If you type tw200 into ebay or amazon, a lot of accessories will come up.

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    JIMBO WINDSHIELD: https://tw200forum.com/index.php?/top...ndshield-info/

    also one of the members on here works for a motorcycle parts dealer that has a t-dub page. not every price is the cheapest, but they were knowledgable and cooperative to work with: http://www.procycle.us/bikepages/tw200.html

    his page: https://tw200forum.com/index.php?/top...s-tw200-build/
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    Thanks for the replies, this is the information I needed. I should not have looked at the ProCycle site though, I have a feeling that it may have a negative affect on my bank account, but I'm sure my wife will be pleased. (looks like it's 'gonna be a TW Christmas)



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    i put on powermadd handguards on my TW...they offer some wind/small brush protection...they vibrate in the wind as well...the plus is that they don't take up too much space on the bars

    i have zeta handguards on my other bike but i'm not sure if they would fit a TW

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