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Thread: New Member- Central NC

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    New Member- Central NC

    "Please allow me to introduce myself....."
    I just picked up a 2005 TW. She'll be used mainly as a farm vehicle to replace my Trail 90. The ground I'm riding over these days is just too rough for the CT to be comfortable. That, and at 6'3" the TW fits me mo' betta. Hard to believe I've been riding for over 50 years and had never heard of the TW. Read recently the TW was a modern Trail 90/ civilized Rokon so I started looking for one. Man, there aren't many to choose from in my area! Found one with a little over 1000 miles. Looks like it was a kids(?) dirt bike, drove hard and put up wet. She's no showpiece but that's OK as she was bought to be used. She may never even see pavement. First thing I did was remove the rear light/tag mount, rear turn signals, and rear footpegs. I modified and mounted an old Trail 90 rear rack. May eventually mount a front rack as well. Working up a parts order for missing/needed parts. Been reading old posts trying to soak up as much info as possible. Hope to eventually gain enough knowledge to contribute here. Thanks for having me.


    Tried to attach a pic. The Pic Attaching Tread comes up "Invalid Thread specified". I seem to get that frequently here. hey, I think I just figured it out. Hope it works. IMG_2951.JPG
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    Welcome to the forum!!
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    Welcome. This bike will do the work.

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    Welcome from another Mike.
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    Some mods you should consider:
    New front trials tire - the stock does not do well off road.
    Bars risers and high rise ATV handle bars - I am 6'2" and can stand with that combo.
    Larger foot pegs
    Larger rear sprocket - more torque
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    Welcome to the forum. Hard to argue with “modern Trail 90/civilized Rokon” comparison. Enjoy your bike.
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    Welcome, Mike! I cant help but finish that quote you started:

    "Please allow me to introduce myself
    At the same time reintroduce my wealth"

    Pretty sure that's from a song, who knows for sure
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    Central NC
    Thanks for all the warm welcomes.

    ejfranz, will take those mods into consideration. They sound like they're well suited to my intended use. I have noticed the front end tends to "hunt" on gravel more than my previous dirt bikes. We seem to have more tire choices for the front than the rear. Wouldn't mind something a little more aggressive in the rear, but not sure I want to go the atv tire route.

    teddy bang bang, "Please allow me to introduce myself, I'm a man of wealth and taste". "Sympathy for the Devil", Rolling Stones. I left the second line off because it definitely doesn't apply to me!

    Again, Thanks for the warm welcome.

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    Welcome! I am from J'ville and will be coming across the country on 40 in a few weeks (returning from training in Cali) with my TW in tow. Maybe we'll cross paths.

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    Welcome from another in NC. I'm down in Wilmington, if any of you ever get over this way we will have to meet up. My brother in law has a TW also.

    Gdcpony - I grew up in J'ville. Moved down here back in 87 to go to UNCW and stayed. Down go back there often but still do every once in a while.

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