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    Batteries again

    Well, I finally got the bike up and running. Just pretty busy this spring and weather was a bit wet. I used the Battery Tender to top it up, but then I let it sit a few days before starting and it wouldn't go. SO, more charging then I got it running today. I had cleaned the carb and put in new parts couple years ago, but I am dumping more Seafoam in right now. It had a bit of a 'hitch' in the throttle. Anyways, after I ran it for about 20 minutes, I tried the Battery Tender again and the battery wants a charge. So I'll pull it out tomorrow and check the fluid level, hate to have to buy another new battery. But I have read some stories here about new ones going south quite early. I'll see what the parts store has, but I think they are all AGM there.

    any ideas would be appreciated
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    Yeah, batteries. I find that these small batteries, like a small charge. Anything more than the 750ma charging output that a Battery Tender JR. puts out can prematurely kill them. Also, a new battery should be fully charged on the bench before it even goes in to help extend life. To each their own on which type of battery to buy. I've been running a $25 ebay sealed battery for 3 years without issue. Best of luck to you.
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